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      I too am re-thinking the way I buy food entirely. In my case I have to go to the bank twice per week usually. I get checks coming in here and there and they must be put in the bank right away so that they get cleared as soon as possible.

      All the stores we go to are over near the bank. But our problem has been that we run out of things we can only buy over there and when we go shopping we forget things. Then we have to go back and it’s hard or nearly impossible to do all the little runs to other stores when we have a house full of kids at home left with one personor maybe we have them all with us and that’s even harder.

      So my goal is to stop all the wasted gas from wasted trips and to buy smaller amounts in the stores so we don’t get too tired and rushed to do the other errands.

      I will be buying aprox 200-220 per month through Angel Food Ministries. The church is right up my street so that’s going to help a LOT. I have a freezer and I’m clearing space to keep foods we don’t need to be in the kitchen.

      So my new closet full of food will become like a pantry we can shop from when we need something.

      Thanks to one of you I discovered Amazon Food Subscriptions yesterday! I’m so stoked. I sat for hours pouring through the items to pick out things I feel are a good buy for us and I have some things coming monthly, some every other month and some every 3rd month.

      This will take a lot of pressure off when we are the store. We won’t have to buy over 200 dollars worth of things. Some of the things we most often forget will be bought through amazon now.

      Some will be stock piled until I have to pull it from my list and add something else. And how cool is it to have it dropped off on the front steps! No getting 3-4 kids in and out of their seats, watching them through the store, pushing and pulling one cart of babies and one cart of food!

      I wish I could eliminate the regular stores all together. But I hate save-a-lot yogurt and our cat litter is only available at walmart. so i think i can get down to walmart once per week.

      i am terrible at going there and getting something i don’t need. so i think i’ll send my 18 year old for these items because she owes me money and is helping me to pay me off.

      With my new plan I think I can slash our household food/paper/pet budget from about 1200 to around 700 per month. That’s a 500 dollar tax free raise! 🙂


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Rethinking the food budget