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      I wished there were more stores nearby when it comes to looking at lost leaders. We do most shopping at Aldis and then next nearest store is a Giant which I tend to think is pricey. I have to drive in the opposite direction and several miles to get to another store.

      We are down to 2 people and I am working on keeping it at $40 to $50 so I can stock up also for the Winter months when the electric is up and we have $30 if we are lucky per week.

      I will be making my own bread I beleive then for sure.


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      When the food bill for two people exceeded $75 week, something had to
      change. Organization is tough for me since I tend to overdo it and get
      frustrated, so online lists are my friend. I save them to my computer,
      delete items I don’t use and put in my own.

      Flexibility is the only thing that has saved me. If a loss leader
      price on ham or roast, two items that can be pricey, I buy as much as
      the store allows. This probably means that I’m over the limit for the
      week, so it comes out of the budget for the month.

      it’s much easier
      for me to subtract from one large number for the month than to start
      over every week with a smaller number.

      any amount that you have to purchase to get the loss leader price can
      easily be made up from items you keep in your stock. canned goods,
      spices, baking goods, paper products, etc. and any ingredients you
      will use to make recipes with your loss leader.

      maybe i’m preaching to the choir here, but maybe a newbie will get
      something from my experience.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Rethinking the food budget