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      If you have a couple old toothbrushes lying around, dont toss them out, they can be repurposed into a number of neat new uses…

      Use them to clean tight spots (around the faucet), door handles on cupboards and cabinets, tile edges, etc.

      Remove Mud from the treads of Shoes/Boots

      Clean & grease bicycle chains

      Applying spot remover to clothing to remove stains and work it into the fabric without damaging it

      Clean Under your fingernails after gardening or yard work

      Applying Hair dye to small sections for highlighting your hair

      Cleaning Jewelry

      Scrubbing veggies

      If you’re really creative, you can even turn them into jewelry, this this:

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      We use our old toothbrush to scrub our nails when taking a bath, cleaning stuff and when dyeing.

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