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      here’s a great idea for parents to save that adorable onesie that they brought their newborn home in! you can turn it into a memory bear.

      here is the free pattern, it’s just a couple simple pieces.

      Onesie Simple Bear Pattern

      How to Make a Onesie Memory Bear

      You’ll Need:
      Sewing Machine
      Hand Sewing needle
      Felt Tip Marker
      Straight Pins
      3/8 yard fabric
      Matching Thread
      2 ¼ ” shanked eyes (Black Buttons??)
      1 small shanked nose or Black embroidery floss for nose
      Black Embroidery Floss for mouth
      Polyester Fiberfill
      Onesie Simple Bear Pattern

      1. Transfer pattern unto cardboard, cut out and draw onto back side of fabric with felt tip marker. Remember to flip pattern pieces. You will need two fronts and two backs for each bear you make.

      2. 1/4 ” seams are allowed on this pattern. With right sides together, pin body front pieces together (use plenty of pins) and machine sew. Repeat with back sections, leaving back opening as marked. Clip curves. Insert eyes at this time. If using a plastic shanked nose, insert at this time also

      3. Pin body front to back (wrong side out) and sew all around. Turn bear right sides out.

      4. Stitch along ear marks

      5. Stuff head. Stuff firmly enough to give shape to muzzle area. A wooden spoon handle will help you place the fiberfill into the right places.

      6. Tie neck off with strong thread.

      7. Next stuff arms and legs, Stitch along divider marks

      8. Carefully stuff body cavity.

      9. Hand sew opening closed.

      10 Thread needle with floss. Stitch nose if a plastic one was not used. Plan nose shape by stitching an inverted triangle, then fill in with vertical stitches. Stitch mouth. An inverted “Y” shaped line down from the nose. Note: you may wish to use “soft sculpture technique to create personality in your bear’s face.

      11. Pick trapped fur from seams.

      12. Tie on a neck ribbon to finish or dress as desired if you are a more visual kind of learner you can look at this pattern:

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Repurpose a Onesie into a Memory Bear