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      A box spring turned into a chair and a table: this is not quite your regular before and after post where the before resembles the after in any way, shape or form. no, this is much more awesome!

      so, here we start a little game called: “what we can turn an old box spring into.”

      the table
      first thing to do was to plane down each of the pieces to make a table
      top. it is pretty easy to glue each piece and clamp them together.
      glue is very much stronger than one would imagine.

      we also added some weights so that no part would buckle from the clamp

      after drying overnight a light sanding removed any excess glue we missed.

      Next we mitre cut some inner supports for the legs, as well as additional
      support for the top. Using three dowels per piece worked well. Once we
      added glue we let the underneath rails dry overnight.
      We then cleaned up the uneven top with a handsaw and sanded the wood to remove nail and staple marks with 40 grit paper.

      rounding the edges with a palm sander.

      For the legs we glued and doweled two pieces for each leg 29 inches long.
      We did this because we felt the legs would be a bit too thin if we just
      used one piece of wood for each, and hey – we couldn’t exactly go to the
      lumber store and pick out some nice 2x2s to work with!

      we attached the legs to the top with two dowels for each leg into the inner rails.

      once the legs had dried overnight we could do a final sanding and then add
      three coats of exterior polyurethane. overall this went pretty quick,
      mostly because this was not a very complicated design. after we
      completed the small table destined for the front porch we had some wood
      left to work with, and we figured it might be enough to build a small
      chair to match.

      The Chair
      Basically we used the same top design as the table for the seat of the chair.

      glued together a 15 inch wide seat and built onto that a set of small
      rails to support the legs and a small back. This was the first time we
      ever made a chair, and it’s definitely a bit more complicated than
      making a table!

      for the sake of continuity, we decided to make the front legs just like the table legs.

      the front leg horizontial supports were made using a mortise and tenon.
      without supports, the chair wouldn’t be very strong at all. after all,
      you do put quite a lot of pressure on a chair when you sit on it…

      cutting and fitting the front leg support

      the seat was the main support in this design so the legs, front and back
      would be doweled to it. we put dowels in from the top and side for
      greater strength. we didn’t mind the look of the dowels at all, in fact i
      think they kind of add to the outdoor feel of the pieces.

      here we’re getting an idea of what everything will look like.it’s kind of exciting putting everything together to see what it will basically look like when it’s all one piece.

      the chair back design was pretty simple. we didn’t have much wood left at
      this point, so we picked out a few pieces from what we had left, doweled
      in some rails and added a curved cap piece to tighten everything up.

      we cut the curve out with a coping saw and used a plane to smooth it out.

      once we had constructed this design, we also added a curved piece to sit at
      the base of the back to close the gap between the seat and the chair

      Just like the table we sanded the whole piece, rubbed it with mineral spirits and then added 3 coats of exterior polyurethane.
      I think the chair came out quite nicely. We would have done a few things
      differently if we had more wood but given that the challenge was to use
      only what wood we could salvage from the boxspring I think it came out
      pretty well!

      doesn’t it look like dollhouse furniture a little bit? the table and
      chair fit perfectly, and now we have a small little outdoor set – at
      last. now we only need to make another chair!

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      e he
      Thanks for sharing this Pictures. You are really very creative. You had done it very well, I love the finishing .

      I believe you have some interests in wood works. Last year I tried to make a chair from an old wooden shelf. But that was an utter failure.

      yoga smilie. Then I dumped the woods. Now I am donating old furniture to a local charity.

      One of my friends used to sell his old furnitures through online.

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