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      Hi Terry-

      I don;t know if there are Aldi’s stores in your area, but they are about the cheapest i have sen for food(limited inventory, but they have the basics) and produce.

      One thing to do to make sure you always have enough protein sources is to do some complementary cooking-ie, grains and beans, grains and legumes, legumes and seeds etc…

      and no you don;t have to eat tons of it to get the protein you need(VBG)…what it basically means is beans and rice, lentils and rice or lentils and wheat etc etc….if you are interested you can email me privately and i will be happy to send you more information and some recipes.

      Also you can stretch your hamburger dollar if you use lentils in your spaghetti sauce. If you are able to afford it, buying bulk TVP(texturized vegetable protein-put out by Archer Daniels Midland) is well worth the money…1 cup dry has 44 grams of protein,virtualy no fat, and i think no carbs… is often used by institutions to stretch the meatloaf and burgers etc etc….. I add it to my oatmeal and it really doesn’t make the oatmeal taste any different.

      Zoloft now comes in generic form, as does Xanax…Zoloft is sertraliine and Xanax is

      Alprazolam. As far as making the Zoloft last, i would ask that the prescription be made for the max amount you can have(200 mg) and that way you have quite a bit over what you need. Your doc may not be able to prescribe it this much over but you can ask…and the cost of the script won;t go up i don;t think.

      In Pa. there is a program called CHIP or CHIPS, it is health insurance for families withchildren.If they have s omething similar where you are, they are very very reasonable and all of you will insured, not just your kids…..

      hope this helps.



      Terri wrote:


      I am looking for ideas for meals and saving,,,Ive found some great ideas already.…..

      …… daughters is Zoloft-not on the $4.00 list but I have fopund that with some meds you can request a bigger dosage pill if its scored to break in half and you can actually save a few dollars that way, so instead of getting 25 mil, I ask for 50 mil and break them in half. Im here and eager to learn…

      Thanks for all the ideas so far.


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