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      Snake Control

      1. Burn the leaves of Comfrey, Rue, and Bay. Scatter where snakes are, they will leave.

      2. Spread a mixture of moth crystals and kitty litter around the perimeter of the area to be protected. Use the moth crystals that are made of naphthalene which is a mild pesticide.

      Obviously this is not organic. Will last through several rains.

      3. A barrier of “Flowers of sulfur” will repel snakes. This should be available at local drugstore or pharmacy and is also known as elemental sulfur.

      We have heard of this being used successfully where copperheads are a problem.

      4. Wormwood: this herb when dried and scattered around will repel snakes. Planting a barrier of wormwood plants is another method.

      A perimeter spraying of wormwood tea may help.

      5. Spray ammonia around the snakes hole to repel, then later fill them in with dirt.

      source: http://www.ghorganics.com/page6.html#Snake%20Control

      Target insects:
      Aphids, caterpillars, crawling insects and slugs. May repel snakes.

      Caution is advised when using wormwood sprays around plants as it can inhibit growth. Best results are obtained when spraying directly onto the target insect when possible.

      To Make:
      8 ounces wormwood leaves
      4 pints of water
      1 teaspoon castille soap 1.Simmer wormwood leaves in the water for 30 minutes. Stir, strain, and leave to cool.
      2.Add the castille soap to wormwood mixture and use to spray.

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      I do not understand the writing with numbers and other symbols. Do you have a recipe to deter copperheads? Ifso what is wormwood leaves

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      Just use kerosine oil, that’s enough to repel even a king cobra. But dnt try to harm them. It really works!

      the smell of kerosine is too much irritating to snakes. They can’t stay in the area with kerosene smell.

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      we use the mothballs in all our buildings and sheds. Seems to work well for all snakes here

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