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      A friend gave me some infant boy clothes leftover from a garage sale. Many
      of the items have stains. Is there any way to get them looking nice.

      I assume
      that they have been set in the dryer.

      Also I have a pair of purple pants that my dd was wearing when she ate some
      chocolate cake. I have washed them using all and shout and borax and have not
      hung them to dry each time but the stain is still there. Any tips.


      From: Christeen Tidwell
      Date: Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:43 pm
      Subject: Removing stains from kids clothing

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      If the clothing is light or white I use liquid dishwasher detergent ( generic cascade)
      1/2 cup to warm water and soak overnight. For blood I use a generic oxi-clean and rub into it, then soak in clorox ii/warm water over night, i will actually rub in some straight cloroxii on a stubborn stain. also on white or light fabric peroxide will take out blood, ink and grass.
      for colors i rub in clorox ii on the stain, or shout, and ammonia has worked.

      another good thing is barkeeper’s friend. i just use what i have on hand at the time.
      for really bad persperation, urine, or even smoke odors i have washed in vinegar added to the wash load, that works wonders. another trick is to put in a bag with newspapers over night and seal, then wash with vinegar.

      in my washer there is a compartment to add the liquid bleach and i add 1/4 cup of vinegar in there.
      For ink rub some wet zest soap into it and that is great!

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