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      So I have been painting my house for the past year and I (being dumb) have rinsed all the paint and painting items out in the bath tub, and now I can’t get all of it out.

      The bathtub is fiberglass…. I think that’s what I husband ‘thinks… and it doesn’t have a smooth bottom… its kinda bumpy so to say. I have gotten most of it out…. but not all and now it just looks really bad.

      I have tried bleach, comet and some acidic tile cleaner. In the hopes it would eat through the paint.

      What can I do?

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      You might end up having to buy some of that “OOPS” they sell in the paint departments. It is to remove paint from things. Not sure if it works on a tub or not. Anyone else know???

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      Ask questions at your local paint or hardware store, to be sure.
      But I have used denatured alcohol to remove the paint from my tub. Denatured alcohol is available form your local paint or hardware store.
      If this does not work look for products like (Goof Off) or (Oops) like Kim suggested.
      You can also find these items in a paint department or at the hardware store.

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      You guys know more tan me….I haven’t a clue?

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