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      My daughter is in the Daisy Scouts this year and will be a Brownie

      next year. Rather than buying a new set of troop number patches, I

      thought I’d reuse the ones we’re currently using.

      How does one remove iron-on patches? Can I iron them on another

      garment (her brownie sash), or will I have to sew them on?

      If I can remove these and someone else can use the daisy petals that

      we won’t ever use again, this would be great! I was not too happy (1)

      w/the price of the patches & smock ($35 for a garment worn LT 20 hrs

      total) & (2) that I couldn’t donate her smock & patches to a family

      who really couldn’t afford to buy a uniform. So, if someone else can

      reuse the smock & the majority of the patches that would be terrific!



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      You could try patch attach to reuse the patches. I know what you mean about the girls not wearing their uniforms very much, call me sentimental, but I have kept my daughters tunic and when she bridges to Juniors next year I will probably keep it too. Although your offer to donate it to a family less fortunate is wonderful and in the spirit of Girl Scouting.

      Hope the patch attach works for you! It sure is a lot easier than trying to sew them on. Especially if your like me and can’t sew a stitch!


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      I know this is to late for the original post but you can’t use Daisy troop numbers with a Brownie vest/sash it makes it an illegal uniform. If you look the Daisy one’s are blue and the Brownie one’s are brown. Also you the troop should pay for all of the patches aside for the flag, troop numbers, Girl Scout/council patch and the pins.

      All of the badges that you earn come out of troop funds that’s why you pay dues at each meeting. If that’s not happening you need to either speak to your leader or address it with council.

      I’m saying that as an Adult Girl Scout, who was also the treasurer of a troop, the cookie mom, and a scout as a girl for 12 years.

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      You can remove patches using this method.
      Turn the iron on to a medium heat. Flip the clothing inside out so you will see the back of the patch. Place a thin cloth over the patch to keep from burning the garment.

      Heat the patch with the iron but do not burn the clothing. Check to see if the patch is coming loose, if not you will need to turn the heat up on the iron. Then you can peel it off.

      After the patch is off you will need to use some Goo Gone to get rid of the excess glue.

      For more helpful info, try visiting

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