Removing Gasoline Odor

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      Hello Everyone,

      I just joined the list again after being away for awhile. I started a
      new part-time job that’s helping to supplement my husband’s income when
      work is slow. Even working part-time has really cut into my free time
      to read or respond to the e-mail lists I belong to.

      I’m married, have 2 grown sons, and one 8 year old grandson. We live in
      Southern Ohio.

      I have a problem that I’m hoping some of you can help me with. My
      husband put 2 gas cans in the trunk of his car to get them filled. 1 of
      them fell over and spilled some gas into his trunk. It has that very
      short, almost felt-like carpet in it and it smells terrible.
      Does anyone know anyway to remove the odor? Any help would be appreciated.

      Nancy in Ohio

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