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      Oh yeah – I am the first to agree on the uck – if it were our home we would rip
      out all the carpet and padding and strip and sand floors under and redo – and we
      have done that before in a house we owned – not because of dogs but because of
      old. however – in ne – its not a law – its a whim – and while the lady that
      owns the house is awesome – she lives in wa state and the realty company that
      takes care of it – only does something right before she comes to visit every
      several years.

      thats what they did when she came in november – and replaced the
      shower – which was a blessing – right before we had 60 for dinner on
      Thanksgiving Day – can we say I wasn’t happy…???
      We just keep cleaning and cleaning -and – for a bit – its ok – we use a ton of
      soap and scrub with a good carpet cleaner over and over – and also bleach – yeah
      – and then rinse over and over – its a two day job at least – and then as soon
      as someone walks on it – we are back where we were.

      We even paid several
      hundred dollars for a professional to come and clean it – and they did a
      terrible job…worse than we could.

      Zero odor – I have tons of it – it just won’t kill it – sighs -so – will see…

      We are hoping to buy this one day – its 2100 sq ft per floor – a ranch style –
      with 8 foot ceilings in the basement where my DH has his woodshop – so –
      hopefully we can get it – sooner rather than later and just replace it ourselves
      – which we have done before. My brother is a carpet layer by trade – and a very
      good one – so – we would pay his airfare from Tucson – rent the tools – and just
      lay it…

      Will keep watching for anyone elses ideas – at this point I will try anything –
      I have been known to be so frustrated that I got on my hands and knees and
      scrubbed with Ajax and chlorox with a brush…oh well…

      Thanks gang – you are great!! Keep up the good work.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Removal of animal carpet stains/odor