Reinventing Grandma’s Potato Salad

Holidays & Special Occasions 4th of July Reinventing Grandma’s Potato Salad

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      Anyone who’s had the joy of spending time in the kitchen with Grandma knows that most of what she made was fabulous. Now there were some of us who had a Grandpa that could cook – survival! LOL!

      If Grandma (or Grandpa) made something that was really good, hopefully they wrote it down to preserve for generations. OR they showed us how to make the recipe – about a cup of this, a pinch of that, a handful of this stuff…sound familiar? …Giggle…

      I never got to know my grandparents as both sides died before I was either born or more than a babe. The family across the street from me was German immigrants without children and THEY know how to make potato salad!

      Often, Mrs. Clements would wave me over to sample her cookies or cakes or candies or… On one of these visits, she brought me inside because she needed to check her potatoes. She explained that she was making potato salad. Mrs. Clements said that she was trying to Americanize her grandmother’s recipe.

      I asked why she would do that and she wanted to make a potato salad that everyone on the block would enjoy for the Independence Day Block Party. Later I learned about German potato salad and all of the other recipes from around the world. I asked her to give me the recipe if it was successful at the block party.

      Apparently, it was as THIS was the recipe that she gave me and titled it (so I do have grandma recipe) –

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Holidays & Special Occasions 4th of July Reinventing Grandma’s Potato Salad