Reindeer Poop

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      Basically the same idea as above, but use chocolate covered raisins, plain raisins, malted milk balls, etc. Along with this poem:

      Santa checked his list not once, but twice.
      He found you’ve been naughty not nice.
      Since coal is so expensive, Here’s the scoop.
      He’s filled your stocking with Reindeer poop!!!

      We take a carton of whoppers and cut a u-shaped door in the back side of the carton and put a pom-pom on the door (so it looks like a tail). We cut antlers out of brown felt and glued a large brown pom-pom for a head to the antlers. Then added a small black or red pom-pom for the nose.

      You can also add a ribbon to the antlers for a girl reindeer or a bow beneath the head for a boy reindeer. Then we add the “poop” poem to it.

      you rock

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