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Stuff I’d Like to See General Regarding Work at Home Jobs

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      Since it seems a lot of people are wanting this list I will post it here. I
      just didn’t think it would be right of me to post addresses to other
      websites, but since I do have permission from Liss here I go. Instead of
      typing the same thing into every e-mail I just copied and pasted so this
      will look like the same e-mail I sent out to the people that requested the
      info separately.

      These are all websites that are completely free to join and
      the jobs on them are legit. Some of them even have a scam forum to ask or
      find out if a company that you’ve heard of, but haven’t seen anything about
      is a scam or not.

      A quick tip, never pay to work. If it costs money then it is usually a
      scam. On another note, some of these jobs may require you to pay money for
      equipment, but that does not mean that they are scams. They are jobs that
      people are doing and making money at.

      There are several different types of
      work to do at home. It all depends on your preferences. The resources to
      help you get started are (I highly recommend this

      This is a website built of forums where you can find out about
      different companies and scams. There is a forum on there labeled legit jobs
      that has companies that hire online employees to work for them. These jobs
      are listed by field of interest.

      Another resource is I don’t get a lot out of this one, but it
      is a good one for research and to find out other things people do for money.

      Now, if you want to go the route of mystery shopping go to
      Let me know if you decide on this one as there is a lot to do for it (i.e.
      signing up for email groups etc.) and I’ll help you get started with that

      Also, for anybody with transcription experience (it doesn’t have to be
      medical) or those that have completed the training, but never went into the
      field you can go to and look at their job listings and I
      also recommend signing up for the newsletters (there are two
      of them).

      This is all I can remember off hand. I will tell you that I’ve been working
      from home for 5 years now and I don’t make a great deal of income (I don’t
      put a lot of time into it and don’t really do what it takes to make the
      money). At first it can be very tedious and seem like it is not worth it,
      but over time if you just keep the attitude of anything is better than none
      you will succeed and see your paycheck grow.

      To give you an example, I have
      been working for a company doing legal coding for about 3 years now and when
      I started out I wasn’t making hardly anything, but after a year I was
      averaging $9.00. I have a friend who would not stick with it that long and
      is currently looking for other means of employment. So it all depends on you
      and how long and hard you stick with it.

      I will tell you that I’ve heard
      that people who do the phone answering thing make a good living. I haven’t
      tried it as I don’t really care to do sales, but I know a lot of people who
      do it and love it.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.



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Stuff I’d Like to See General Regarding Work at Home Jobs