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      I have been very thankful for the Angel Food Ministries program. A good hint that I found is on each month they provide mealmenus/ideas (or you can just look at many different recipes) that are made mainly consisting of ingredients from that month’s Angel Food Ingredients. And they also include a shopping list of the additional ingredients.With abit of research and planning you can make this stretch a long way.You can find a lot of crockpot recipes onlinefor the meat andveggies that can go really far by cutting the meat in half or doubling the recipe with just one portion of meat.

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      From: Melissa Wittmann
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      Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 11:24 am

      We get it and for us it’s a good deal. I’ve been very pleased with what we’ve gotten. I’ve been getting it since october and we now have some favorites.

      I also order for several families at once (friends who work and can’t make the pickup) and we swap around things that we don’t like. The church where we do pick up also keeps a donation box and they give the extras to a local family in need.
      Melissa Wittmann

      http://www.angelvista. blogspot.


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      i checked out angel food. to me, it didn’t look like all that great a deal. the fact that it was a package deal was part of the reason i reached that conclusion.

      it’s no bargain if you cannot or will not eat everything offered. much of what they offer is prepackaged and very salty, for example.
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