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      i’ve never bought a gps from them, but i can tell you tiger direct is a wonderful company. hubby and i get 99% of our computer supplies from them. They’re great to work with!!

      I’d trust them with a refurbished gps.


      original message

      from: Alison
      Date: 8/14/2008 9:23:27 AM
      Subject: : Refurbished gps

      i was told by a friend to go to tiger direct for a refurbished gps for
      much less than brand new and they come with full warranty. has anyone
      bought a refurbished gps. i would love to have a gps but the price of
      new is rediculous.

      how much am i saving by going this route? any
      experience in refurbished gps’s would be appreciated.
      enjoy your day~
      alison bartlett, il

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