Refried Beans

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      If you want super creamy refried beans then you need to use Lard. Yuck, I
      hate that. So this is what I do.
      Boil your bean until Tender.

      Then Drain the liquid but don’t throw it away.
      Mash your beans up or you can use a mixer to blend after mashing.
      Add some of the liquid to the beans and mix up. This is what makes them
      tastes good:

      Puree up some tomatoes, Onions and jalepeno peppers. I use lots of tomatoes
      and cilantro.
      Add this to the beans and then stir in fat free or all fat sour cream.
      They turn out great.

      Date: Wed Jun 12, 2002 5:07 pm
      Subject: Re: : Refried Beans

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