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      I went on a no-buy fabric at fabric stores for the month of July. Yesterday I got 2 packages of rickrack for a project and although I needed fabric(s) to complete the wallhanging this month, I did not buy fabric. Another rule of mine concerning my sewing/quilting/crafting, is that I must use a coupon if the item is not on-sale. This has forced me to think outside of my box while learning to quilt, and to use some of my stash and to get organized. Being organized saves money. I can buy the needed fabric for the wallhanging in Aug. If I don’t have a coupon to purchase something I absolutely need whether it be fabric or something else, I can purchase it but the cost can not exceed a total of $10.00 for that month on crafts/sewing/etc.. I also
      enjoy recycling our clothing into quilts, handbags, etc. and buying used clothing for the buttons, etc..


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