reducing debt.

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      Hello! Blessings to you! I didn’t understand your meaning (and/or

      motivation) for these… can you please explain your actions, the

      effects, and the projected outcome? These ideas are wonderful, and I

      actually use some of them as a rule. I also go straight to the

      clearance area (true clearance is at least half off, but usually 70 or

      more off), and, if I WILL use it, I buy the item. This often

      determines my menu, if the store is a grocer. Thank you!

      Posted by: “mem68” mildredal378142000

      I put a red mark on the spigot on the side of

      the cold water,I put a mark on each item that plugs into the

      electricity- so

      I don’t waste time turning it over to see how it fits,(time is money)

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