reducing debt.

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      It’s the many little things that you do. Hang your clothes outside to dry,

      pay all your billd by bank draft (saves time,gas,stamp)(keeps a good track

      record for you), use coupons for groceies, Auto Zone,Reily’s ( got all the

      men in my family their car items on sale w/ coupons and rebates_mostly

      free),start a pantry, buy loss leders, plan meals around what items are on

      sale,drink water and cut all other drinks until you get staightened out,

      budget, include the family in mking the budget,

      I use red nail polish to put a mark on the inside of the tub so my 10 yo son

      knows how much water to use,I put a red mark on the spigot on the side of

      the cold water,I put a mark on each item that plugs into the electricity-so

      I don’t waste time turning it over to see how it fits,(time is money)

      Start w/ the lowest debt and concentrate on paying it off-then work on the

      next one etc.

      I use the estimate / month electric bill paying by bank draft.

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      > Besides saving a fixed amount on a daily & consistent basis, what is a

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