reducing debt.

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      Make a budget! That is the easiest way to get control of your money ad

      throw more at your debt. Like Dave Ramsey says, “Spend every dollar on

      paper, on purpose every month.” That means making a ‘spending plan’ if

      the word “budget” scares you. 🙂 As soon as we did that we saw what we

      need to do and where we needed to focus our efforts.

      If you find out you have more debt per month than income, prioritize.

      Cover shelter, utilities, food, transportation, clothing first. Then

      work your way down the list of who gets paid until you are out of money

      that month. Typically after “the four walls” (housing, utilities, food,

      transportation) you should pay, in general order IRS, 2nd

      mortgages/HELOCs, credit cards. After that you look at increasing your

      income, take a second job, part time job, get a better job. Credit

      card collectors use crazy scare tactics but have no teeth – they get

      paid last. Make sure the IRS is happy and your home is safe by paying

      the HELOC. After that it is simply cut your lifestyle to the bone.

      (Harder to do these days I know). Do not eat out, no Starbucks, no

      movies, vacations etc. throw every spare penny toward your debt. Sell

      stuff on eBay, have yard sales. Loose the cable/satellite. Cut back on


      There is no easy way to get out of debt, but have a plan makes it so

      much easier. Once you are in control of your money and not the other

      way around you find you actually have a lot more money. Weird huh? 😉

      Good luck.

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