reducing debt.

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      Here’s some ideas that my family did. I would recommend Crown Financial

      Concepts ( or Dave Ramsey ( for help in

      ideas on how to pay down debt.

      Here’s some of the things we did primarily to get out of a van loan in 18



      1) Got rid of the credit cards. I never had a credit card debt that would

      carry month to month, but I had a Discover card I would use to pay for alot

      of things each month. I figure I spent about 15%-30% more when I used

      credit cards and I could never seem to make progress before on the other

      debts and regular savings because of the credit card bill being so high each

      month (even though we paid it off each money it was a ball and chain to


      2) Started a budget and followed it very carefully. Cut most expensive

      entertainment and extra spending and out to eat costs. We spent alot of

      time doing our inexpensive hobbies. Riding Bikes, Walking, going to the

      Library. We had alot we could find to cut because we wrote down everything

      and evaluated what we did the previous months and where we could cut. We

      got SELF-CONTROL.

      3) Stopped extra payments on the house

      4) Adjusted my Federal Tax Withholding temporarily so I would get less back

      in tax refund and more back throughout the year.

      5) Adjusted my 401K temporarily to 2% while getting out of the car debt.

      (Only temporarily for 6 months)

      6) Sold a few things.

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      > Besides saving a fixed amount on a daily & consistent basis, what is a

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