reducing debt.

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      Look at your budget. If there are things that you find in your budget that you really don’t need that much alotted for it put it towards debt.

      Per month
      Entertainment $50
      Fuel $100
      Food $250

      If for each of those you notice that you only spend about half of the estimated amount put the rest to the debt payments. Then once the smallest debt is paid off you take the money that you were using to pay that debt and put it towards the next debt.

      Later on you may want to look at your budget later and challenge yourself to cut back more on what you spend for entertainment and fuel. By finding free entertainment and start carpooling where everyone pitches in for gas.

      This is just an example that I use often. Dave Ramsey calls it the Snowball of debt reduction. I think that it truly is helpful.


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      Besides saving a fixed amount on a daily & consistent basis, what is a
      method of bringing down debt?

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