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      Just had these for dinner tonight so i thought I’d share….

      8 cups cold water
      1 .b dry red kidney beans
      2 med yellow onions chopped
      1 bunch green onions chopped (including green parts)
      2 stalks celery chopped
      1 green bell pepper chopped
      1/2 lb hot links sliced thick
      1 thick slice of ham cubed
      3 bay leaves
      1 lg pinch of ground thyme
      black pepper

      Place all ingredients in large pot over med high heat. once boiling turn down to low and simmer covered stirring occasionally for 3-4 hours. smash 1/3 of beans against side of pot with wooden spoon.

      if not ready try again in 1/2 hour. Add cayenne pepper and tobasco sauce to taste. simmer 20 min more.

      Serve with toasted sourdough slices. Warms you from the inside and makes the house smell good all day!

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