Recycling Christmas Cards

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      What’s the perfect way to recycle Yuletide greeting cards and keep your kids busy on a wintry day? Have them cut their favorite images and details from the cards and then turn them into gift tags or tape them to a window for a cheery display or frame them for Christmas decorations.

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      You can also cut them into the shapes then use them like a puzzle to try to put back together.

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      Or you can cut circles on them, bend edges in to make a triangle like shape and glue edges together. I think you need 20 of them to glue them into a ball and make a “new” Christmas ornament. Punch a hole with a hole puncher and add ribbon. They come out looking like pretty balls of color.

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      Make new cards, using various scraps of Wall Paper, gift wrap and some cardstock, cut out designs and sentiment and make new cards ..


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      More great ideas!!! Thanks!!!! 🙂

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      My son and I make boxes out of our Holiday cards.

      You can find the instructions here.

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      My youngest daughters takes the year before’s Christmas cards and tapes the together and uses them as wrapping for small gifts she gives to her brother and sister….. 🙂

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      Pyxidragon, Making boxes what a great way to recycle. I like this idea.

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      These are great ideas too! Now I can’t wait to start receiving Christmas cards!!! 🙂

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      That is a great idea JoAnn!!!

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