Recording daily expenses

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      I try and take time each evening to record what I have spent in

      microsoft money. I have a cash account that I use to record cash

      purchases. I upload the information from my bank for debit and bill

      payments so I can record where the money went. I keep the receipts for

      everything. Anything that I do not have a receipt for I make sure I

      write it down. I break down my grocery expenses. I separate out food

      from other things that I buy ie. cat litter and dog food go under pet

      expenses, cleaners go under household expenses, shampoo and soap go

      under personal care. I don’t split up food into catagories, anything

      we eat goes into the grocerery catagory. I use my debit card for most

      shopping trips. In microsoft money you can split each withdrawl up

      into various catagories. It works well for me.


      — In, “Lisa” wrote:

      When you record food, do you break it down at all? Like

      treats vs food vs cleaning supplies?

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