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      My husband and I keep receipts for EVERYTHING. Did you know it’s

      law that a company has to give you a receipt? Yes, even if you

      spend 25 cents at the corner store on a candy, they have to give you

      a receipt. Then we tally the receipts and enter the amounts in the

      budget categories we have (ie groceries, dining out, transportation

      etc). It has saved us from spending thousands and thousands of

      dollars. We have completely paid off all our debt except for our

      mortgage, and its at such a low rate we make more having money sit

      in our savings account than pay off our mortgage. If it weren’t for

      that we’d have our mortgage paid off as well. It’s a lot of work

      to get into the habit of tallying your receipts, but it pays off big


      in fact, we go one step further and save each month for yearly

      expenses. for instance, say we pay $600/yr for auto insurance, we

      save $50/m towards that so when July comes around and our insurance

      is due, we pay it in full and save financing charges. PLUS we’ve

      made a bit of interest over the year by having that money sit in our

      savings account.


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