Recommendations on Companies?

Work from Home Mystery Shopping Recommendations on Companies?

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      I’m looking to start mystery shopping and there are so many companies to sign up with that I don’t know the good ones from the not so good! I’m looking for people’s recommendations on good companies that have flexible assignments and a lot of of them – if it helps, I’m in Florida – Thanks!

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      You can view a list of Reputable companies on the main part of the budget101 site:

      Mystery Shopping

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      These are just a few of the companies I work for. All of them pay well…usually via a Paypal account.

      Bestmark….lots of auto dealer shop
      Beyond Hello…..retail shops
      Cirrus….retail shops
      Avantage Amusement….zoos, Six flag parks, water parks, family type entertainment centers, ect.
      GfK…..retail shops, cell shops, auto dealers, banks, senior housing
      A Closer Look…..restaurants, hotels, spas, doctors, dentists, ect.
      Informa…..retail shops
      About Face….new home builders, rv’s, auto dealers, grocery stores, cell phone co.
      cri…movie theaters shops and audits
      greet america…shops out meeting public for surveys, giving samples, ect.
      feedback….banks, retail and service type shops
      nsite……coffee shops, bars, retail stores, restaurants

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Work from Home Mystery Shopping Recommendations on Companies?