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      Huevos Burritos: Saute sliced onions and peppers in a little oil until

      tender.Remove. Scramble eggs in same skillet.Spoon eggs, onions and

      peppers with salsa into warm flour tortilla.Tuck in sides and roll up.


      Italian Egg and Potato Skillet: Saute diced potato and chopped onion in

      a little oil until almost tender.Ad diced zucchini and cook until

      tender.Make 4 indentations in mixture.Break an egg into each.Cover and

      cook until eggs are cooked through.


      Simple Stir Fry: Brown a little ground beef or turkey with chopped

      garlic.Add shredded cabbage,bagged frozen stir fry veggies,some water

      and a pinch of ground ginger.Cover and cook until veggies are

      heated.Drizzle with soy sauce and serve over brown rice.


      Tuna and White Bean Salad: Toss drained canned tuna,salad greens,drained

      white beans,sliced jarred roasted peppers and thick sliced cucumber with

      oil and vinegar dressing. Serve with crusty Italian bread


      Pasta Puttanesca: Heat jarred marinara sauce with sliced pimento stuffed

      olives.Toss with drained canned tuna and cooked pasta


      Pierogi Skillet: Brown frozen mini pierogis as package directs and

      remove.Saute sliced kielbasa,sliced onions and frozen peas in a little

      oil until veggies are tender.Stir in pierogis and toss.Serve with sour



      Southwestern Mac and Cheese: Stir salsa,corn kernels,sliced scallions

      and a little ground cumin into prepared boxed mac and cheese. Heat



      Grilled Zucchini Parmesan Heros: Grill thick lengthwise slices of

      zucchini until tender. Spread marinara sauce on split hero rolls.Add

      zucchini and top with some sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.Wrap in

      foil and place on the grill until cheese is melted


      Pasta and Salmon: Toss cooked pasta with mayo,a bit of cider vinegar and

      a little dried dill. Add canned drained salmon,thawed frozen peas and

      sliced cucumbers.Toss and serve


      Spinach and Ham Risotto: Brown a little diced ham and add 1 box risotto

      mix (prepare as directed on box) Five mins before it’s done stir in

      bagged leaf spinach.Cover and cook until rice is tender


      Curried Egg Salad: Mix coarsely chopped hard cooked eggs with equal

      parts yogurt and mayo. Add curry powder to taste.Stir in diced celery,

      red onion and apple


      Moroccan Veggies: Saute chunks of zucchini and yellow squash with sliced

      onions in a little oil until tender.Add a can of each of diced tomatoes

      and canned chick peas,a pinch of ground cinnamon and cumin.Simmer until

      heated through

      A real friend warms you with their presence,trusts you with their

      secrets and remembers you in their prayers.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Recipes that give a bang for your buck