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      If you are looking for recipes/ menu ideas, check out They are FREE and offer lots of information for weight loss and exercise. You just need to fill out what you are looking for and it will guide you that direction.

      I joined after finding it with another group and have been successful in losing 6 lbs so far w/ them over the last 3 full weeks.

      I hope that this helps.

      Sara – CA

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      From: Sally Vanwinkle
      Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:44:36 AM
      Subject: Re: : recipes needed

      i’m in the same position but the dr. didn’t really give me a menu to see exactly how to eat just things to avoid which i think i have posted some.i feel like i’m eating like old people food no taste at all.can you imagine a mexican not eating spicy food that is the worst part for me it kills me that i can’t eat nachos with jalapenos,hot sauce,etc.i use to a spicy person now i’m just mild lol.if someone does give you a eating plan would you let me know,i’ve been thinking i should follow a specific diet myself i just don’t know which one.


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      from: maria
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      Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 11:12:18 AM
      Subject: : recipes needed

      My doctor told me that I have to loose weight and have to go on a acid
      reflux/heartburn diet,I don’t have any recipes or know where to begin
      to change my diet. I love spicy foods,and cook with peppers,onions and
      garlic as well as love cheeses! Any sugesstions?

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