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      if you are asking about the gerd diet, you can google it and there is lots of information on the topic. the sample menus posted look fairly bland. so best of luck since you like spicy foods!!

      you can treat heart burn and acid reflux with apple cider vinegar. take 1 spoonful after eating and it neutralizes the acid in the stomach and esophagus. Maybe you could try this before making such drastic measures with your diet.

      Goat cheese is a lot easier on the human body to digest than Cow dairy products. A lot of people are “allergic” to Cow dairy and have symptoms like heartburn/acid reflux/stomach pains/migraines/etc. No one talks about it too much since cow dairy is so mainstream, but you may want to weed out those products and see if you get any relief.

      okay, just my 2 cents.

      Hope you get to feeling better soon!

      jessica mason

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      from: maria
      Date: 6/26/2008 11:12:25 AM
      Subject: : recipes needed

      My doctor told me that I have to loose weight and have to go on a acid
      reflux/heartburn diet,I don’t have any recipes or know where to begin
      to change my diet. I love spicy foods,and cook with peppers,onions and
      garlic as well as love cheeses! Any sugesstions??

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