Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Recipes made out of almost nothing

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      So i have noticed myself searching for recipes online for meals that don’t require me to go to the grocery store for ingredients. And I thought some of you might have some recipes to contribute too..

      Here is what I made:

      Easy Brownies made with cocoa powder and most of your household ingredients.
      Easy Brownies made with cocoa – Recipe

      Last night I made chicken with broccoli and peanut butter peanut sauce. It came out good.
      Cooks.com – Recipe – Peanut Sauce

      And last week I made chicken with honey-soy sauce.
      Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

      I figure if you have frozen meat and some rice, you can pretty much make any type of sauce you want for it. 🙂

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      Another “ohno” recipe! Sounds good either tommorrow night or the next. We will try baking it.

      We4 like to experiment. Chicken is supposed to be good for you.

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      I always have pasta in the house so I can always toss together some noodles with frozen veggies and a quick sauce. Add some french bread (frozen the day it came home from the bread outlet) and you are in for a yummy cheap meal.

      I make creamy alfredo, tomato sauce, pesto sauce, etc. with items I have on hand. If I have a meat item I can add great…but we usually go meatless.

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      I made a chicken pie last week that was so yummy- I had some leftover chicken (love to roast whole chickens) and used some left over baby carrots and a bag of broccoli that I had in the feezer. I make my crust from scratch so I always have that one hand. I must say that this chicken pie was the best one yet.

      I just love when I don’t have to go to the grocery store- I didn’t go at all last week.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Recipes made out of almost nothing