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      On Sun, 09 Sep 2007 14:22:18 -0000, you wrote:

      >Does anyone have a recipe for a good cake frosting? I am not sure if

      >there is a way to save money over buying already canned frosting but

      >thought I would check. I have tons of yellow cake mixes in my cabinet

      >and no frosting. Thank you.


      Easy Icing

      2 Tablespoons softened Butter

      1 whole egg OR 2 egg yolks

      A few grains of salt

      1 teaspoon vanilla

      2 cups confectioner’s sugar

      about 2 teaspoons milk

      Put first four ingredients in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer

      until creamy. Add sugar and enough milk to allow the frosting to

      spread easily. Makes frosting for a two layer 9 inch cake.

      For chocolate icing:

      Add 1 square of melted unsweetened baking chocolate to the butter/egg

      mixture before adding the sugar.


      Increase the butter by 1 tablespoon and add 3 tablespoons of cocoa

      with the sugar.

      It’s much cheaper than the canned stuff, and tastes better too. You

      can add fruit jellies/preserves to the butter/egg mixture for flavored

      cakes as well.

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