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      A Recipe to Help the Common Cold
      By Liping Zhang

      After a long hot summer, the winter season is finally around the corner; unfortunately so is the cold. For those of us who waited for the return of the crispy, chilly air and romantic snows, the thought of catching a winter cold is not so attractive. Stuffed and running nose,uncontrollable coughs, heavy and dizzy head, chill in the spine
      and aches in the muscles could be quite miserable indeed.

      Here I have a very simple recipe to treat this illness. It takes only ginger root, brown sugar and water, and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. However this recipe is very effective and has been helping me to fight off the cold in winter ever since I was a child.

      And now I am using it for my own family.


      1 piece of ginger root (about 1 oz)
      3 tablespoons of golden brown sugar
      1 1/2 cups of water


      1. Slice the ginger root into about 2 mm thin pieces.

      2. In a small pot, put 4-5 pieces of the ginger root slices, 3 tablespoons of the brown sugar, add 1 1/2 cups of water.

      3. Heat the pot until water boils. About 1 minute later, turn the heat to medium and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

      4. Pour the ginger drink into a cup with cover. (If you don’t have a cup with matching lid, you can use foil to wrap the top instead)


      Drink the entire ginger drink when it’s still warm, and then cover yourself with a heavy blanket. The outcome will be better if you sweat after that. You can use the ginger drink 2-3 times each day.

      This home remedy is best suited for a cold that typically happens in the winter. Yet it may not be so effective for a cold that happens in a warmer season.

      the theory:

      according to the theory of traditional chinese medicine, the common cold can be divided into two types: cold-feng and warm-feng. in the winter season, the cold-feng is dominant; and when it invades the body, it staggers and disrupts the normal circulation of qi and mai-ro system in the body. therefore, the person will develop all the
      cold symptoms.

      ginger is a warm-natured food, it also has the ability of speed up the staggered qi and mai-ro circulation, therefore is the main ingredient in this remedy. the brown sugar can add the sweet taste to the ginger drink, yet it also is warm-natured compared to white sugar; it is a great component to help normalize the circulation of
      the mai-ro system. together, they fight the cold-feng that’s been in the body and help the body to re-establish the normal circulation of the qi and mai-ro system.

      during the warmer season, the feng is not predominately cold, so this remedy may not be as effective.


      this ginger drink for cold belongs to a group of treatment called food-therapy that is part of the traditional chinese medicine. it is a wonderful way of fighting diseases in a very natural way. there are various recipes of food-therapy for different kind of illnesses; some of them need added herbs.

      some of these receipts are aimed at balancing and tuning the body systems to an optimal condition thus improving the health.

      for thousands of years, the food-therapy has been helping chinese people dealing with many common diseases. even after the introduction of modern western medicine, chinese people are still using them as an alternative treatment. however, all the food therapies are mild, they don’t have enough strength to fight severe illnesses

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