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      Anyone have any experience with rechargable battieries. Does it work? Does it save any money?

      Is it alot of trouble?


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      I use them with my digital camera. I paid about $12 for a 4 pack but I’ve had them a couple years now. They have saved me a lot of money.

      I tried using non rechargeable batteries but they don’t last long at all in my camera.

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      I have never used these, but have thought about it. The only thing we use batteries for is our remote control and hand held poker/yahtzee games. Not sure if it would be worth it.

      Do you need seperate chargers for each size battery? If I had younger kids, I could see investing in this.

      Another question just popped into my head. In the old days people use to store the extra batteries in the fridge, should we still be doing this? If so, what is the purpose?

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      I like the rechargeable batteries. My kids use up the aa and aaa for music players and the like. we always keep on set on charge and when they run down we swap out.

      a little pricey to start with but in the end it has saved us a lot of money and time. no runs to the store because we need a battery for whatever. we have had ours for two years now and they are still going strong.

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      We like the rechargeable batteries too! The do cost at first, but they pay off in the long run. The only things we don’t use them for is the tv remote and fire alarms.

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      My family inhales batteries! We tried the rechargeable ones but after they recharge several times they won’t hold a charge any more so we were constantly buying more. After a few months we gave up and went back to regular batteries and for us it was cheaper that way.
      Even new ones fully charged didn’t last like a regular battery would.

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      My son, who is five, destroys wired mice from the way he holds a mouse…So we bought a wireless mouse that has rechargeable batteries. I have found them extremely useful because with all the pc time between us batteries need to be swapped every 24 hours. I bought a Rayovac battery charger and energizer rechargeable batteries for it.

      I have found that the batteries do better if you use them till they don’t work then let them charge fully. So I have 4 AAA and my mouse takes 2 at a time. Since my recharger can charge aa i have aas that go in my remote and kids toys.

      i recommend getting them.

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      i have used rechargable batteries for 15+ years. my experience has been great until recently. i purchased my first set when they where new on the market.

      they where great lasted forever and ever and ever. i used those batteries till they literally started leaking acid.(it took years for that to happen)

      when the first ones i bought died i went and bought new, looking for a good deal i purchased my new ones from harbor freight……bad idea the ones from there are horrible quality. they do not hold their charge period.

      i purchased more expensive ones and they are better quality and hold their charge , however, i do not know how long they will last. but, they do hold their charge.

      overall except for the harbor freight baterries my experience has been good and the saving vast really vast.

      i guess i recommend buying good and reading reviews before you leap, if you do your experience should be good and your pocketbook fatter in the long run.

      hope this helps.

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