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      Want to know about any and all of the latests recall by the government?? From food, boats,autos,medicines, toys to cloths and cosmetics…find them all here:


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      This is always a great site to go to. Sometimes you never hear of a recall but have the products-scary!!

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      I go on this site bi-monthly….its is scarey I agree!!

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      I;ll have to check this site out. Good site it looks like.

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      The funny thing is that you see things on here that are recalled that you are not made aware of when you go to the store….. 🙁

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      Speaking of recalls: I get all recalls reported to my email. Here is one I got today:

      Johnson and Johnson — Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Company (JJMCP) is voluntarily recalling approximately 12,000 units of Infants’ mylicon gas relief dye free drops (simethicone-antigas) non-staining sold in 1 oz. plastic bottles that were distributed after October 5, 2008 nationwide. The company is taking this action in consultation with the U.S.

      Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the potential for serious medical events is low, the company is implementing this recall to the consumer level as a precaution after determining that some bottles could include metal fragments that were generated during the manufacturing process. If any medical events were to occur, most are expected to be temporary and resolve without medical treatment.

      Parents who have given the product to their infant and are concerned should contact their health care provider immediately.

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      Hey DohDoh, how can I sign up for the emails regarding recalls. That is a wonderful idea!!!



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      Awesome – I appreciate that!!! I have just signed up.


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      I’m off to sign up for this right now. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m going to be sure and pass this along to my family.
      Have a blessed day all!!!


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      Thank you very much, this indeed is a very helpful tool to have handy.

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      @DohDohBird 90685 wrote:

      Go to and insert your email address.


      thanks for this! its scary how many things get recalled that we don’t even hear about! 🙂

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      what’s really scary is all the meat & poultry being recalled due to “foreign materials” or contamination…

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      Thanks for the link great info

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      Its pretty sad!!! also has a place at the bottom of the home page that also shows recalls…you should check that out if you get a chance…

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