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      Tater Tacos
      Scoop out the innards of baked potato, chop and mix with prepared taco
      meat. Top with salsa, lowfat sour cream and cheese. A big hit at my

      Freezes well, makes a quick lunch.


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      What a fabulous recipe, we’ll be trying it soon

      Guest: your recipe will be tried by me, as my DH doesn’t like that sort of food. Looks yummy

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      This sounds wonderful and easy too. Makes me hungry for Tex-Mex. Guest – I’ve done this before w/o the enchilada sauce.

      Was great. Will try it with the sauce. Bet it will be even better.

      This is stuff I always have on hand anyway.

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      ._. sounds delicious… and it seems like its a good leftovers here and there recipe.

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