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      Do you use a real tree or an artificial tree for the holidays?

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      The past five years I’ve had a small artificial tree just because of having small kids in the house. But next year they’ll be four and six I’ll probably go back to a real one because I love the smell.

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      I love real trees, but I got a gorgeous 7′ artificial tree for $10 two summers ago at a yard sale, so that’s what we’ll use for many years to come.

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      Since Christmas has become so commercial, stressful, and artificial it is appropriate that I use an artificial tree.

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      :hysterical: mcnerd you made me laugh! Thank you. Christmas has become very commercial.

      Hope you have a stress-free holiday.

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      We always get a real one -free cedar tree out of the ditch or someones pasture – Sometimes they are not perfect , but the smell is so awsome -Bobbi -ne

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      I do love the smell of fresh pine in the fields or woods. But inside it’s just too over powering. But when the boys were younger I always had a fresh tree.

      One less mess now to clean up Lolll.

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      Which one is better for a house with cats?

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      We have always used a artificial tree but this year we are buying a real tree !!!

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      mdowdy, cats like trees and it doesn’t seem to matter if it is a real or artificial one. Guess it depends more on which one you like picking up more often LOL.

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      My husband wants to get a real tree every year and every year I end up pulling the artificial one out because it’s taking him too long to go get one! LOL

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      Only a real one ever gets used at my house. Every year I say, I think I’ll buy an artificial, it has to be easier. But then we don’t get to go and search for the perfect tree.

      Plus I love the Frasiers and I have never seen an artificial that even compares. I really don’t have the patience to “shape” an artificial tree

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      It’s been 25 years or longer since we’ve used a real tree. We put ours up so early that we were afraid that the real one would be brown so hubby decided that we need the artificial one. But I do love the smell of the real one.




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