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      beat the clock challengesWelcome to a Budget101 Beat the Clock Challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following Challenge Question BEFORE the Clock runs out!

      The Challenge Question is : Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question!

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      I plan to go to martial arts at least 1-2 times a week, walk the dog in the afternoons and tag along with my husband in the evenings at least 3 days a week, and make/follow through on at least three daily meal plans based around good nutrition each week.

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      Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!

      My 3 major changes are to take at least 10,000 steps per day
      cut out all white sugar/refined sugars/flours
      eat 2 low-fat vegetarian meals per week.

      I also plan on picking up a new exercise program but I haven’t found one that suits me yet.

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      Walk daily, do my shoulder exercises and eat better.

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      first eat vegetable diet at least 3 days per week.
      learn about and use more home mad products. natural cleaners, etc.
      continue my journey on a healthier and happy life.marionette smilie

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      I plan to take my new grandbaby out for daily walks, lift weights with my husband three times a week and go on a weekly hike.

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      I plan to do 1. An exercise video 3 times a week.
      2. Walk at least 1 mile 3 times a week.

      Cut back on sugar! (starting with my morning coffee)
      I’m plan on doing the workouts right after the kids get on the bus 🙂

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      Going to wheat free diet; exercising 3 times a week; Reading a good book 15 min. a day.

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      1. I have signed up with a meal planning site. My family and I are starting a gluten-free plan for health (medical and weight) issues.

      I have committed myself to a 31-day bootcamp.
      3. I will drink less coffee and more water.

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      I’m about 140 pounds overweight so I have to consider the extra weight and my knees when developing an exercise plan. I’m going to buy a pushmower and start doing some of the lawn by hand. When at the cottage, I will make time for an extra swimming event.

      I’m going to switch my dinner plate to a luncheon plate to limit my portions.

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      3 lifestyle changes are
      1- walk at least 10,000 steps a day and ride bicycle instead of driving short distances
      2- cut out processed sugars, grains (flours) and other processed foods
      3- get back on the weight loss hypnosis program

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      save money eat healthy foods raise more donkeys

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      1) Fully develop my recently started yoga practice
      2) Plan meals that feature produce rather than starch
      3) Reduce/eliminate white flour and sugar (and NO artificial sweeteners)

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      I pre-ordered Dr. Ian Smith’s book — Super Shred and should receive it this week. I followed his diet a few years back and lost 20 lb. Since then, I’ve put the weight back on.

      His plan works as it is ordinary foods in combination that boost metabolism while leaving you feeling satisfied and not starving. He also includes activities to do throughout the day as part of the eating plan. Now he has a mentor program as well!

      Soooo three things: new eating plan, doing the activities, and signing up for a mentor to ‘bug’ me by email! LOL!

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      Stop Smoking, eat “whole foods” and work out 4 days per week.

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      I will be planning meals with more veggies
      Walk on the treadmill at least 4 times a week
      Switch out the pretzel and chips snacks for cucumber slices and apple chips

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      My husband and I are both going to take our lunches to work to help control our calorie intake at lunch. I plan on keeping healthy snacks at work to deal with the late afternoon hungries. I started working out at home last month and plan on finding some kind of inexpensive program to help guide my workouts and help me track my progress.

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      Currently I am 8 months pregnant. After I have my baby I will be walking more,eating mostly chicken and fish, eating whole grains and writing down what I eat to stay accountable.

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      Exercise with hubby….eat better….be a better person for myself and family….manage my life better!

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      Watch my blood sugars
      Watch my portions

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      Exercise more
      Blood sugar more in control
      Portion control

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      I’m going to walk more throughout the day, take 5 minutes away from my desk every hour, and revise my favorite recipes to be healthier. I just need to keep taking small steps everyday until changes are permanent. 🙂

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      Start walking , and watch what I eat, stop stressing so much.

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      Eat less junk
      Don’t quit my gluten free lifestyle
      MORE MORE!

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      Prep my food on the weekend to prevent impulse eating. Drink water. Get more movement in everyday.

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      I plan to walk more, do muscle strengthening exercises, and make better food choices.

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      Going to walk 2 miles daily. Refrain from eating more than 25 grams of sugar a day. Eat more sensibly.

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      Drink more water, get more sleep, take daily walks

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      Everything in moderation…
      Increase activity, walking counts!

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      I plan on participating in our weekly Masters Swim Workout, in addition to my usual lap swimming, which will be at least 3x per week. I also plan on cutting out all wheat products, except for 1 treat per month. I will walk every day.

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      Schedule time to work out. Start Pilates. Start using the treadmill on days i don’t do pilates

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      I plan to eat less at meal time walk 5 days a week and watch my grandson

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      No more soda, walk 30 minutes a day at least, smaller portions, drink lot’s of water, more fruits and vegies, less sweets.

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      eat more natural foods,
      exercise more
      drink more water

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      I plan to remove sugar from my diet, reduce my serving sizes and do some activity for 30 minutes at least 4 days per week

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      I am going to memorize the book of Colossians to keep me grounded spiritually. I am going to turn the TV off 1 hour before going to bed and have more meaningful, deep conversations with my husband. I am going to NOT be on a diet this year; I’m just going to enjoy being me and not worry about weight again!

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      1. Start riding my new bike with my daughter to get in shape and spend more time with her.
      2. Eat even healthier(even less processed food)
      3. visit our park more often to get in some extra walking

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      Drink more water.
      Walk more.
      Eat more fresh fruit and veggies.

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      I plan to take better care of my health issues this year, get on a better diet that my doctor has requested that I do and follow it to the T. I plan to try a new interactive exercise app on my uverse on tv, daily and I want to try to walk at least 10000 steps a day as suggested me and more water, and limit myself to 2 cups of coffee a day and drink only water and my herbal tea daily and pray that I can get of some of the meds that the doc has me on… Good Luck ya’ll and Have a very safe and Happy New Year… Hugs…..

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      Walk everyday, use my beach body DVDs 5x per week and drink a gallon of water everyday

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      1. eat ” clean”
      2. gradually add exercise to my morning routine
      3. write down and carry my goals with me, including a food diary

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      The Challenge Question is : Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!
      I plan to – 1.walk my daughter to school instead of driving her. 2. Eating more steamed vegtables rather than boiled in butter. 3. Walk the dog in the park instead of just turning her loose in the backyard.

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      I plan to join my kids in the trampoline, commit to hiking at least 1 hour every day while camping and find an aerobics class or dvd I can do at home

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      eat less fat, walk more, eat less

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      I’m going to start pilates. Walk more- Treadmill (walk my dog more when I don’t). Schedule time to do exercises vs just loosing weight (again). Hopefully, that way it will stay off this time.

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      My first resolution is to stop smoking!! After about 45 years of abusing myself I think I am overdo! ( I am already on my way… down to 3-5 cigs a day versus 2 packs a day) I also want to free my mind of harmful or negative thoughts. Last but not least I intend to use my time more wisely so I can do more things I want to do… namely walking as much as possible

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      Join weight watchers on-line again to get to my goal weight.
      Exercise at least 3 times a week.
      Spend at least 15 min per day to improve my spiritual life (reading, prayer).

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      Start eating breakfast regularly. Eat less carbs. And start walking a daily.

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      I plan to exercise for 30 minutes per day. I plan to eat out less. I plan to take my lunch to school each day.

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      1. Walk 20 minutes every other day (pushing through the arthritis pain).
      2. Eat more Nonfat Greek Yogurt, to keep my protein up.
      3. Drink more water.
      I’m suppose to be on a High Protein/Low carb diet to loose the rest of my post bariatric surgery weight (90 lbs)

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      1. Get back into hiking
      2. Use my weights consistently
      3. Start Zumba!

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      Walk more days than not, cut 500 calories per day and eat whole foods

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      I have to lose weight for my health. I plan to eat healthy with more protein and fruits and vegetables in the right portions and in a mindfully way. Keep track of the foods I eat. Doing cardio, strength and stretch exercises daily.

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      Exercise more, eat better, get 10,000 steps per day.

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      I plan to bike to the grocery store and drug store whenever possible, walk at least 20 min. 6 days a week and plan some family bike rides and hikes.

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      The three thinks I am going to do to reach my New Years Fitness Resolution is:
      1. Start on Jan. 2, not Jan. 1. (It is just a mind set, but it helped me to stick with the goal of stopping smoking and it has been 6 years).
      2. Get more exercise in. Using what I already have: Wii and DVD’s.
      3. Win this Fitbit so I can be sure to track and not guess if I am doing what I should.
      smiley-char026 smilie
      Thank you for the change to enter. And seriously, good luck to everyone.

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      I plan to jog two to three times a week, and sign up for a couple of 5K runs throughout the year to get me to actually run. I plan to pick up my hoop or do yoga each day for a thirty minute session. I plan to cut down on soda intake and increase water intake.

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      Drink more water.
      Start getting regular hours of sleep
      Develop a regular walking routine

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      Three changes in 2014:

      1) No more glasses of wine through the week days….. I have a challenge I need to meet in 2015… but with periodic checks through 2014!!

      2) Every single day… 7 days per week I need to be strengthening one of my key muscle groups!! Diligently!!!

      3) Be a leader in my goal for 2015!!! I need to take the road less traveled and be the person everyone aspires to be!!

      And now, some background to my 2015 challenge. A few moms and I got to talking on FB…. Military moms and moms of kids in military schools etc. We have decided we WILL do the Murph workout on ‘Michael Murphy’s’ birthday in 2015. Michael Murphy was a leader in SEAL TEAM 6. Google him if you need to.

      Why are we waiting so long to do this? Well, the MURPH workout is this, 1 mile run.. then, 100 pull ups.. then, 200 push ups.. then, 300 squats.. then, another 1 mile run! We are moms.. mostly over 50 yrs old.. we have injuries to overcome and ‘life’ to overcome. We will do this. I have no doubt… I have set up a group page and we have consultants there to help us. We are taking it slow to heal injuries. No sense exacerbating prior injuries.. let’s heal them.. and move on! We will do this!

      I have also been challenged to a ‘class set’ by another mom at my son’s college. By October 2014!! I will meet her challenge!!! A class set is 100 push ups plus the year they graduate. My son graduates in 2016 so my ‘class set’ is 100 push ups + 16!

      I will meet these challenges come hec or high water!!

      If anyone is interested in joining us.. please do not hesitate to message me. We are fun loving.. but are trying to meet our goals!!! Let me know if you are interested. We are trying to get sponsors on board so we can help monetarily.. Wounded Warriors, or the Michael Murphy foundation… something like this. We are still looking at options. Let me know if you are interested in joining us!

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      My fitness plans for the New Year are to ride my stationary bike for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week to try to eleviate some of the pain in my knees from arthritus. This was suggested by my physical therapist.

      I am going to incorporate more fruits and veggies to each meal as I have been successful following that philosophy in the past.

      Spend less time in the chair watching tv and more time reading, sewing,knitting or crocheting which will keep food from going into my mouth after meals.

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      I plan to get back to the gym for my Water Aerobics classes and get stricter on my heart-healthy diabetic diet. I will also spend more time outdoors walking with my husband.

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      I plan to drink Javita, workout with Faithful Workouts and complete daily squat and plank challenges!

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      I growing a bigger garden this year so I have no excuse not to eat my veggies. I am going to get more exercise by working in my garden more. I plan to drink more water instead of tea and coffee.

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      I really don’t plan on changing anything. I have a two-story house with a basement and a very short memory. I rarely remember why I went up or down. So I have to start all over. Gives me plenty of exercise, though.

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      I plan on loosing weight by eating healthier and exercising more, stick to a budget and be a better wife

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      I plan to exercise daily and loose 50-75 pounds, cook better meals for my family and as a homeschool mom, schedule exercise times for my kids to get fit.

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      80% raw foods

      crossfit suspension $39 deal for 1 month then on my own

      sleep from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day.

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      1. I nitend to start walking again.
      2. I intend to start using my little trampoline again.
      3. I intend to get my food plan back into smooth running order ( 3 cups leafy greens, 3 cups high sulfer veggies, 3 cups different colorful veggies/fruits).

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      I hope to ‘train’ myself to get up earlier to work out in the morning – if it doesn’t happen then it won’t happen. I’m going to continue to eat healthy on a budget. Finally I hope to ‘play’ more with my kiddos as part of my exercise routine.

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      eating better. having a regular sleep schedule. going for a walk at least 3 days a week.

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      I plan on drinking more water, getting to the gym more often than in 2013, and eating more salad.

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      I am setting goals!(Which has not been done in years)
      I am actually planning out and attacking these goals (via motivation/tracker board)
      I will be doing the workouts I enjoy (zumba, wii, etc.)
      Those are my three main goal to get fit in 2014 and I have already begun the planning 🙂

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      I will drink my apple cider vinegar w/honey 2x a day.
      I will rebuild my strength by walking more, goal is 12,000 steps a day.
      I will resume working out 3x a week, 30m+ each session.

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      I am going to cut out my carbs. Drink more water. Use my Hip Hop Abs Dvd

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      I plan to workout for 1 hour 3 times a week, take part in a fitness class (Zumba, cross fit, etc), run at least ten miles a week

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      save money, quit smoking, exercise more

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      I plan to eat fewer carbs, get moving more, and jump on the trampoline more with my littles! I’d love to win the fitbit……Thank you!

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      After being diagnosed with Diverticulosis, I need to begin a new regimen. So my plan is to start walking, change my diet, and be consistent!

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      Walk my dog more, drink more juiced drinks, go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

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      I Plan On Going To Aqua Therapy For My Back As My Pain Dr. Wants Me To. Hoping For Some Pain Relief Finally After 2 years since failed Back Surgery. I Plan On Being Able To Walk 2 Miles By The End Of The Year Which Would Be Great Since Right Now I can Walk only 150 Feet. And I Plan To See My New Grand-babies As Often as Possible.

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      Get more exercise, loose some weight, get my house organized and downsized.

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      Get a good physical, follow my doctors instructions for getting my weight and blood pressure down, reduce stress by letting go of the small things that occur every day with a few minutes of relaxation exercise each evening.

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      I plan on pinching pennies wherever possible, making more economical meals and my own soap, lose weight along with my husband who is diabetic

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      I plan to sit at my computer/couch/tv less and move more. I would like to walk/jog at least 2-3 times per week. I want to take Tai Chi where my son does Jiu Jitsu, and I want to incorporate stretching for at least 10 minutes per day.

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      1. Have a green smoothie each morning for breakfast.
      2. Walk 10,000 steps each day.
      3. Eat real whole and clean food.

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      Clear the “WHITE” from my cupbords (sugars starch) etc… walk without my cane by the summer , and strengthen my arms to be able to do floor exercises

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      I plan to become certified as a Zumba instructor, run a 5k with my kids, and no carbs after 4pm 🙂

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      1. Better meal planning so I do not, for example, have jello for dinner.
      2. Exercise a planned number of times per week instead of when I feel guilty about not doing it.
      3. Eat breakfast EVERY day.

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      Plan meals and Log food every day on My Fitness Pal,
      Walk, exercise bike, jog 5-6 days a week for at least 10,000 steps. Add in a little weight training and core strengthening.
      Expand my small group (okay one person right now and occasionally hubby) of support friends for encouragement – both to and from me.

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      To meet our fitness goals, my friend whom also has fibromyalgia, Deb, and I are going to:
      1. Meet at least 3x a week to stretch and exercise to regain some control over our bodies and diminish the constant pain (we started 3 days ago);
      2. Cut out gluten! Unless its from a wholesome source, like non-GMO spelt;
      3. Walk our dogs every day, or at least 5 days a week, at the local dog park that has a 2 mile trail.

      How can we fail? Sometimes all we need is a companion to motivate both to success!

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      three changes I plan to make are to cook at home more often; get my husband on diet with me because he always leads me astray, and do some physical activity but nothing scary just small change that I can slowly make permanent healthy changes.

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      I am finding a workout buddy( Plan on working out while I wait on sin at practice.>
      Eating more vegetables while I plan on just planning and cooking less processed food!
      Drink less pop!
      Setting aside time to enjoy the life God has given with the plan to be less stress!

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      just make small changes like walk and cook at home more often and get my husband on board too

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      Create and use a home workout program (circuit) 3 times a week.
      Buy ice cleats for my shoes so I can walk safely outside – goal7 days a week.
      Find an indoor place to walk when the weather inhibits outdoor walking.

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      My three changes are: write down my food for the day, go to aqua fit classes, start walking

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      I plan to eat less, exercise more and save more dogs from shelters!

    • #446910

      Mentally take the bitterness and anger out of my life.
      Start walking and running again.
      Eating less meats and sugars

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      1 Get back on my Atkin’s Diet.
      2 Walk with dog daily, at least 1 mile.
      3 Reduce time in front of the computer, and if there, get up once an hour for 10 minutes.

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      To meet my fitness goals for this year, I intend to (1) do my Zumba daily routine, (2) eat less white carbs, (3) do my gym/swim routine at least 2x a week. Last year I lost about 40 pounds and have gained a few back by slacking off on my routines so I plan to be more diligent for this new year. I have found what has worked for me and just need to continue to make it my fitness change of lifestyle.

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      I am going to start walking more, with my tracking device, I hope it is the fitbit, I am going to drink less soda and more water, I am going to get a buddy!

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      3 changes I’m going to make:
      1. Exercise 3 days a week
      2. Eat a more balanced healthier diet
      3. Take a few minutes to myself everyday

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      drink more water and less diet soda
      walk every day – outside
      plan ahead what I will eat

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      I will set up a reward based program to meet my goal of loosing extra inches around my waist: I plan to go to the gymn for cardio 3 times week, add another 20 minutes of exercises at home 3 days per week and be extremely mindful of everything I put in my mouth. My reward will be a special vacation that I have been dreaming of for quite some time.

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      First, I plan on purchasing my “Goal” outfit. I will take a pic of it and keep it on my phone. Second, I will walk around my office building on each lunch break (.80 miles). Last, I will go to the cardio/exercise room at my apartment complex 3x a week. For a bonus, my job offers free Zumba classes. I will try to go to a class at least once a month, to change things up a bit. Also, my hubby is planning on purchases bikes for all the kids so we can go on family bike rides. I am so excited!! Svelte me, here I come!

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      My plan is to walk at least three days a week with my kids, continue to make new healthier versions of food we all love, start my own garden, cut candies and sweets from the household diet.

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      Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!

      1. Eat a more plant based diet.
      2. Get more exercise.
      3. Drink more water.

    • #446928

      Eat correctly, that means do what my dietician tells me to do.
      Exercise, join a group for motivation. Walk more.
      Stick to it. Don’t give up.

    • #446930
      Robbi L

      1. Treadmill at least 10 minutes daily
      2. Bike 30 minutes daily
      3. Strength training program

    • #446932

      Use my new Vitamix blender to make healthier foods
      Eat healthier foods in general
      Try to get a correctly fitting mask for my bi-pap machine so I will be more compliant. – in short SLEEP MORE & BETTER
      Reduce stress
      Laugh more

    • #446934

      To reach my goals, I plan to: 1. Start the Daniel Plan. 2. Take a zumba class 3 times per week. 3. Stop drinking diet soda.

    • #446935

      My three changes are: Eating less sweets1-2/month not week, increasing my exercise- 3 days/wk, and increasing my water intake at least 8 glasses/day

    • #446938

      I plan on tracking my calories in and out, getting active (even when I’m on 12 hour days at work) And I plan on getting the amount of water I drink up to 8/8 oz glasses a day!

    • #446945

      I will be using Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution to get a healthier body (basically cutting out grains & sugars. I also intend to walk at least 3 days a week. I plan to do pilates at home to tone my body. Wish me luck!

    • #446951

      Hey! My goals are to drink more water, go walking with my dad and spend more time “playing” with my kids outside instead of just watching them have all the fun.

      Cool site!

    • #446952

      1. Track all my food.
      2. Go to the gym 3 times a week (if I go 12 times a month, my insurance pays all but $10 a month of the membership fee).
      3. Bring my lunch to work 5 days a week.

    • #446954

      1. I will be able to do one chin up by April 1,2014.
      2. I will be able to walk 10 miles by Oct. 2014..
      3. I will drink more water every day.

    • #446955

      My goal is to lose 50 pounds by my birthday in June by putting together my elliptical and using it daily, walking at lunch time and eating gluten free.

    • #446959

      Less fast food
      Taking the stairs to the 16th floor of my building instead of the elevator
      joining the gym in my building to work out at lunch time

    • #446963

      1. Exercise at least 5 times a week
      2. Drink more water
      3. Become vegan

    • #446967

      I plan to eat more consciously and less emotionally, double my walking and classes until I get to 250 minutes a week and start allowing my picture to be taken no matter what size I am because life passes quickly.

    • #446968

      The plan: eat healthier, join a gym, do something good every day for someone.

    • #446969

      Drink only 1 Dr. Pepper a day instead of all I have been.
      Do my Turbo Jam at least 3 days a week.
      Only eat bread & pasta 2 days a week.

    • #446974

      1-Reduce my unhealthy carb intake
      2-Do at least 30 min, 3 times a week, on my exercise bike (must remove clothes from it first! 😉 )
      3-Get my budget under control and payoff debts. This will greatly reduce my stress, which in turn, will help improve my overall health!

    • #446975

      I plan to get rid of my chocolate addiction for one thing. I am going to start walking with my son, he needs this too. I am going to start cooking better, more chicken and fish, baking instead of frying.

    • #446948

      lose weight by cutting out more sugar, starting with my morning coffee as well. eat more veggies and definitely drink more water. Walk at least twice a week at the park and take my horse for walk at least one a week out my road.

    • #446949

      1. I received my order of Sensa and began using it yesterday because I intend to lose a lot of weight. Along those diet plans, I have already cut carbs almost totally from my diet and lost 20 pounds during 2013, but I still have 35-40 to go. I also planted lettuce in a new 2nd pot today so I can have more really fresh salads! (I’m a Florida dweller)

      2. I have been walking a half-mile 4 or 5 days a week, minimum. I intend to step that up to walking a mile each time.

      3. I intend to get down on my exercise mat and do my hip, back, and shoulder exercises every day. I’m leaving it right on the living room floor so I cannot forget to do it!

    • #446977

      1) Get more exercise- out doors. Take walks.
      2) Eat out less.
      3) Eat smaller portions.

    • #446979

      Eating the right way, exercising, positive attitude.

    • #446983

      At work I’m switching from coffee to Green tea
      Walking 1/2 hour during lunch
      Bringing lunch every day. Healthy, with low calorie snacks

    • #446985

      I would like to quit smoking
      Lose 20lbs
      Get in better shape

    • #446989

      1. Work out each morning
      2. Eat healthy
      3. Be consistent on follow through

    • #446992

      1. Eat healthier
      2. Get more exercise into my day by walking more.
      3. Set weekly, reachable goals to keep myself focused and motivated.

    • #446994

      going to go to gym at least 3 days a week, drink only 1 soda a day,keep track of blood sugars

    • #446995

      walk more, juice more, sleep more

    • #447004

      Eat Paleo; get back to walking 3 miles a day; quit drinking alcohol.

    • #446998

      Eat better
      Exercise more

    • #446999

      I hope to start meal planning so that I can have healthier dinners at home. I want to take at least 10,000 steps per day. The other change I would like to make is having healthy snacks available to grab and run out of the door with.

    • #447007

      Loose weight, less pain, more strength

    • #447008

      1. Eat more plant based food
      2. Do steps in “Stop Sugar Addiction Now”
      3. Do yoga/pilates twice a week minimum

    • #447015

      Begin the Paleo Diet upper body strength training walking more I was in a coma for 5 days in April and lost a lot of my strength. I just need to keep going putting into practice the things I learned in Physical Therapy

    • #446981

      1) Start walking during my breaks at work again (I had started to slack off during winter weather/cold badness)

      2) Do push-ups in morning before shower

      3) No More Pop!

    • #447024

      I plan on walking at least 3 times a week for at least a mile, watch what i eat and keep a list, and live life more.

    • #447025

      1)Walking 5 times a week no matter what season or temp!! (even if it gets to -30 here) !! 😉
      2)Get body back to a healthier weight through proper food & diet..(Had Heart Attack)
      3)Strength training, DVD workout’s x3 per week!!
      4)Just be more active outside Activities that I love to do Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall I love all four seasons anything outdoorsy I’m in!! 😉

    • #447026

      I plan to eat right, exercise more and learn ways to deal better with stress

    • #447027

      I plan to eat right, exercise more and learn ways to reduce stress.

    • #447028

      My three Fitness goals for the New Year are (1) To walk around the block every day and increase the distance every month. (2) To lose at least 5 lbs every other month till I reach the ideal weight for my age and height. (3) To cut down on the snack foods and sweets and eat my three meals a day.

    • #447040

      I want to loose 10 pounds. I also want to achieve my goal of running a half marathon. Lastly, I want to stick to healthier eating habits.

    • #447041

      I would sleep more, stop eating bread and start hula hooping agin!

    • #447042

      I plan on getting more organized at both home and at work, downsizing the amount of “stuff” in the house, and slow down and learn to appreciate the simple things in life!

    • #447043

      Lifting weights, watching portions and walking!!

    • #447046

      I plan on watching my calorie intake with healthier choices, actually walking my new dog everyday instead of just letting him out as a beginning exercise for us both, finally having a positive attitude towards my goals so as I don’t set myself up for failure.

    • #447021

      eat healthy, exercise daily, get more sleep

    • #447044

      I plan to continue to eat vegetarian
      To de- stress by meditating and praying each day
      and to switch up my exercise program by switching between the elliptical machine and treadmill

    • #447053

      Changing my diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

    • #447055

      I plan on eating better, get more exercise and do this with family. That way we can work together to meet our goals

    • #447056

      My husband recently passed away so I’ve been a vegetable. My plan for this new year is A) Be a new me…be active. Exercise even in my jammies! B) Be a new me…eat healthier. Quit unhealthy grazing all day C) Be a new me…look at myself in the mirror every morning, every afternoon and every evening and KNOW I am not alone. I am loved and I love myself.

    • #447058

      This year, I am making a daily walk a priority for my family (the kids and I are tackling the “Walk to Mordor” challenge)! I am also transitioning to eating paleo, and I am going to start drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water every day! Food, exercise, and hydration will help move me towards that fit and healthy lifestyle I am aiming for!

    • #447059

      Three changes that I will be making is to workout more regularly, cut out processed foods and take my supplements regularly.

    • #447061

      wow… everyone has great choices. 1) walk for a minimum of 10 minutes everyday after breakfast 2) eat more fresh veggies 3) keep a journal… food, goals, blessings, life

    • #447062

      eat more balanced meals, walk on a regular basis and be kind to myself!

    • #447063

      Changing our eating habits, watching what snacks are in the house and how much we snack.

      Get Moving! More exercise and less excuses!

      Get the kids moving! Kids love to be out side, so incorporating them will be fun and feel less like a chore!

      Happy New Years and Great Luck to everyone!

    • #447064

      Exercise more often, not sleep as much, help others more often

    • #447065

      Cool! I’d was just thinking how I’d like to have a fitbit for myself and hubby. Thanks! 🙂

      1) Get on a good sleep routine…go to bed early, get up early.
      2) Faithfully use MyFitnessPal. I’ve lost 15 lbs. with it twice. Gotta get with the program sista!
      3) Tame my sweet tooth. I am a total chocoholic.

    • #447069

      Three things I plan on changing….
      1) help my 11 yr old daughter loose weight & get in shape
      2) get myself in an exercise routine
      3) put clothes away once they are done drying

    • #447070

      lose wight save money and work out

    • #447072

      My biggest plan is to get my whole family more healthy. We will be eating more healthy foods, exercising several days a week with the equipment that we already have and having a successful garden this summer and canning what it produces. We will also be spending more time together as a family and less time on the computer (especially the teenagers).

    • #447075

      I plan to follow through with my now three year long quit smoking ciggaretts plan, yoga because I feel so good afterwards and not to say everything that comes to my mind because it’s not necessarily helping.

    • #447076

      1. Exercise 4x/week
      2. Plan and eat healthier meals – less processed foods
      3. Goal of 10,000 steps/day

    • #447079

      I plan to run more, swim more and eat more healthy food.

    • #447086

      My 3 answers are:
      1. To be more positive & laugh more.
      2. To wear my clothes that are to small for me now.
      3. To become a better cook.

    • #446939

      I plan on tking more Yoga classes which I just started. Get back to my walking program and back to the Y. Continue eating healthy. I’ve alreeady lost 125 pounds and need to firm my body up now.

    • #447088

      To be successful, I’m starting with a motto of it only takes 5 – 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 things, 5 times, etc. I’m eating naturally – no processed anything. I’m starting with the Wii for exercise. And I’m not pressuring myself to have it all figured out on day 1. I’ve set my sights on how I want things to be at the end of 2014 so I don’t get frustrated every time I mess up and then give up. As long as I’m working towards the goal for the end of the year I’m good.

    • #447092

      Be more active, less sitting, eat better more nutritious food choices. Sadly, this probably, no definitely, means less solitaire more treadmill, lol. 🙂

    • #447095

      I will not complain about walking to the mail is a half mile walk for free. I will park far away from the door of the stores and also use that as a free walk. I will go the my fitness class each day it is held, not sleep in cuz Im just not feeling it.

    • #447096

      I plan to make healthy changes in my eating habits, exercise 3 times a week and incorporate home made products in my household.

    • #447099

      Having fallen into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle over the past way-too-many years, using the excuse that I’m chasing children, I plan to up my activity level. I plan to walk on our treadmill 3 days per week, walk in our neighborhood with my kids one day per week, and actually plan healthy meals by using the crockpot three days per week. Gotta start somewhere!

    • #447101

      The 3 things I am going to change for my household is: 1) to make a budget 2) to include fresh foods for a more healthier household and 3) to get my household moving in some fashion. Would love this Fitbit in order to keep up with our progress.

    • #447104

      1. Doing a whole 30
      2. Pole dancing
      3. T25 fitness DVDs

    • #447105

      I hope to start eating healthy, exercise, and try to get organized.

    • #447109

      Exercise, cut back on portion and eat better selections of food

    • #447110

      -Being Grateful every single day (For every blessing, no matter how small the blessing seems)
      -Eat N Sleep in much healthier way
      -Spend more time with my Children & Family

    • #447111

      I am going to join a gym and go there 5x per week.
      I will walk at least 1 hour per day.
      I will eat better and keep a food journal to track what I eat.

    • #447112

      I will walk from my remote parking to work daily
      Avoid evening snacks
      work out 3 times a week

    • #447114

      1) quit smoking
      2) prepare healthier foods. I already cook healthy but a larger variety of healthier is what I want.
      3) Lose 40 pounds.

    • #447115

      3 changes I intend to make in 2014….continue on my weight loss journey, walk at least 10,000 steps daily, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

    • #447119

      the plan is to go from weekly dinner menus to an entire month, go completly chemical free in our house ( cleaning, laundry all of it)
      and to walk at least a half hour a day. also plan on doubling the garden and learning how to can.

    • #447123

      I am going to keep myself moving more around the house each day with the kids.
      I want to eat better including making more of our meals from scratch with real foods
      I want to work on getting my back in shape again, and that will mean stretching it more and relaxing the muscles.

    • #447127

      I plan to stop eating wheat – I don’t think of it as “giving up” because my main resolution this year is to be kind to myself. Wheat does not make me feel like I’m being kind because it makes me feel so sick. I’m going to stop stressing about things I cannot change. It’s useless and it makes me feel bad. I’m also going to try and find a pedometer that works, because I’d like to make the 10,000 steps per day as well.

    • #447128

      I plan to continue my workout journey and run a half marathon this year. I also plan to clean out my closet and get rid of things that don’t fit or I no longer wear; some one else is more needy than I am and can use the clothing. 🙂 and lastly, I plan to not waste money on clothing or shoes. I will only buy things I need after I have thought about it, no more impulse buys. 🙂

    • #447133

      1) I will exercise regularly—walking, yard work, aerobics—weekly.
      2) I will begin removing gluten from my diet.
      3) I will eat healthily and cease the binges.

    • #447134

      I plan to exercise more, get angry less by looking past the obvious and in to the deeper issues, and love more thoughtfully.

    • #447137

      I plan on not making excuses to not get up and run in the morning. I will also drink more water and get more sleep (currently only get around 4-5 hours during the week).

    • #447138

      start eating three or more sensable meals instead of just once a day.
      exercise more start a cardio program.
      cut out all junk foods

    • #447139

      Walking, drink more water and eating better!

    • #447125

      1. I joined the new Planet Fitness gym that opens today near my home town! I resolve to begin my first visit this morning to help me achieve my healthy new life.
      2. I resolve to encourage my 16 yr old son to work on his health issues by bringing him to the gym with me. I want to be that great example for him.
      3. I resolve to improve my spiritual walk with God which will include a daily devotional so He can help me with my weight loss challenges as well as my other life challenges.

      Have a Happy New Year and much success with your goals!!

    • #447129

      1. Go to the gym 4 times a week with a workout program written down
      2. Eat healthier meals and smaller portions
      3. Meditate (this will b really new for me to try)

    • #447144

      1)Be sure to get proper amount of sleep( sleep schedule)
      2)Be sure to chose an exercise I TRULY enjoy. ( If I Hate it,I will not do it)
      3)Be sure to love myself,and be proud of my every accomplishment,big or small. (Every step closer to my fitness goal,is a step in the right direction.)

    • #447146

      I plan to
      1) Walk daily
      2) eat less
      3) get my heart rate up for 15 minutes at least 3x a week
      I know this sounds lame but, I’ve lost interest in most aspects of life and these will be a major change for me. I want to be realistic and start something I will finish. Then I’ll work up from there. May this be a wonderful new year for us all.

    • #447149

      3 things I intend to change are: 1) Eat healthy, 2) Exercise more. 3) Quit smoking

    • #447152

      Exercise more
      Watch my blood sugars
      Portion control

    • #447153

      1. Commit to running 3x/week
      2. Go to gym on off days.
      3. Join a CSA to get more vegetables into the house.

    • #447154

      1. 7 – 8 hours sleep regularly
      2. 2 mile brisk walk 4 days/week
      3. Smile a lot more!!!!

    • #447155

      My plans for 2014 are
      1 improve my eating by creating meal plans and grocery lists that are healthy.
      2 joined a gym yesterday with plans for going three times a week and running on days I cannot make it to gym
      3 run a 5k each month. My first one is tomorrow (yes New Year’s Day…I am serious about this)

      Looked at fit bit yesterday at dicks. Money is right now. Hoping I win this challenge!

    • #447156

      I plan on taking the 24 day challenge to start the year off right.
      Exercise with my family.
      Eat better. More fruit and vegetables.

    • #447158

      3-5 miles of walking a day.
      more greens, fruits, no white anything

    • #447159

      3 changes I intend to make in my life in order to meet my New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year:
      1. Cardio exercise at least 4 days a weeks.
      2. Lose 1-2 lbs. a week.
      3. Journal all my food intake using


    • #447163

      I am going to do some sort of exercise each day regardless if it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours. I’m going to play with my kids at the park instead of watch them. I am going to walk during my lunch hour (weather permitting-hate the cold and heat!).

    • #447165

      I plan to begin working on my ab area by starting out doing only 5 sit ups/and crunches per day for the first week and then increasing it each week by 2. I will have before pics and progressive pics through the end of next year to see the results that will also include a weekly weigh in and waist measurements. I am not an exercise person and have always relied on my high metabolism to keep me thin. Since passing the 50 year mark, that metabolism has went on strike! I am glad that I am tall otherwise I would be about 4 feet across! Lets see what happens!

    • #447166

      My 3 goals for 2014 are:
      1. To remain smoke free, because I just quit a month ago.
      2. To lose 20 lbs. 5lbs. came from quitting.
      3. To run 2 miles in 12 minutes

      @Budget101 392027 wrote:

      beat the clock challengesWelcome to a Budget101 Beat the Clock Challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following Challenge Question BEFORE the Clock runs out!

      The Challenge Question is : Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it) This is a “Beat the clock Challenge” that may end at ANY Moment! What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? We’re giving away a FitBit to help you reach your goals! Fitbit makes it easy to track activity, sync stats, see trends
      and set & reach goals!

      You can also download the Fitbit app for Free right now too!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!
    • #447168

      1. Love more fully
      2. Live more completely in the moment
      3. Learn more about the effects of chemicals on the human body, consumption, etc…

    • #447147

      I have so far to go to meet my goals that it is overwhelming at times. But I want this year to be different (don’t we all). So I’m making a promise to myself to walk at the track 2-3 times a week to start, cutting down the fat and sugar by replacing with healthier alternatives, and educating myself on healthier living by reading/researching on the topic at least an hour a week. My goal is to lose an average of 2 lbs per week and keep it off!

    • #447169

      Make bulk meals for the week.
      Walk on my treadmill everyday
      Complete the money challenge with my children (save one dollar the first week, two the second week, etc.)

    • #447170

      get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day including walking
      cut down on carbs to lose weight
      eat more veggies

    • #447171

      My three goals for 2014 are:
      1. To remain smoke free, because I quit smoking a little over a month ago.��
      2. To lose 20 pounds, which 5 came from quitting my horrible habit. ��
      3. Lastly, I would like to run 2 miles in 12 minutes. Right now I’m running 2 miles in 18 minutes. ��

    • #447173

      I”m planning on using my fitness club membership more with either my husband or daughter, eating healthier, & spending less time in front of the television.

    • #447176

      Eat more fruits and vegetables, walk at least 30 minutes a day, take an exercise class at the recreation center.

    • #447178

      My plans for the new year are to be more active by riding an adult tricycle, incorporating more clean eating and getting my home office and closets organized. Whew! The office and closets will be a workout themselves. Happy New Year to everyone!

    • #447179

      My ultimate goal is to lost 80 pounds by the end of the year…however, my “in a perfect world” goal is to lose the weight by the first of August when my daughter graduates from grad school. In order to do this, I am going to…
      1. eat healthy…more lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats…less processed foods
      2. drink more water…at least 64 oz a day, working up to half my body weight in oz (maybe I should use an IV)
      3. exercise more…as out of shape as I am, I will start with walking 30 minutes every day and cardio 3 days a week working up to 5 days a week

      Lori George, Galloway, OH (Columbus)

    • #447181

      I plan on walking every morning M – F, doing a fun physical activity with my kids on the weekends, doing weights twice a week at night, and replacing pop with water more often.

    • #447184

      I plan to make a concentrated effort to eat better, gain some weight, get more exercise & save more money.

    • #447185

      3 Changes I intend to make:
      1. Increase time on my gazelle each day.
      2. Increase walking times & distance.
      3. Reduce sugars.

    • #447187

      I plan to wake up when the alarm goes off, walk more and eat more fruit.

    • #447188

      Give up sodas
      exercise more
      eat healthier meals

    • #447191

      Stay away from sweets, walk to and from work every day and do one of my workout DVDs at least 3 times a week.

    • #447192

      Force myself to exercise regularly, cook more eat out less, get off my ipad and organize my home ogemaw room at a time!

    • #447193

      1. Journal all of my accomplishments and setbacks.
      2. Eat more whole foods and less processed foods.
      3. Run or walk daily.

    • #447195
      Becca Sue

      first, stop drinking diet soda or any soda for that matter. second, actually start participating in the yoga class that i have been talking about taking. third, preplan menus that will make it harder for me to visit fast food places

    • #447196

      move more 10,000 steps a day!
      stretch for better flexibility
      not diet but healthful, wholesome, mindful, enjoyable ingestion of food
      all the better to be here for my grandchildren and all my loved ones. To live my life to the fullest despite any obstacles that may be thrown my way. In honor of my daughter who passed too young with so much left to give.
      showered with love

    • #447197
      Valerie K

      I am becoming more active in 2014, along with cutting a lot of sugar from my diet and adding more veggies to my meals and snacks. I want to be a better me!

    • #447199

      Eat a more healthy diet.
      Exercise more.
      Stick to it.

    • #447201

      Having a healthy body is God’s will. Our mind ?(soul), body, and Spirit (heart) should be healthy and in line with the Father. So I am getting my body to match the others by 1. Cut out processed and refined sugars, and eat whole healthy foods that are from nature 2. Follow a 90/10 rule, and 3. Strength train 3x a week and cardio (walk, swim, bike) 2x a week. I know 4 isn’t asked but I joined a support system to go along with these already!

    • #447202

      Lose weight, up my exercise, and eat healthier!

    • #447204

      I intend to walk every day for 30 minutes.
      I will also try to get as much information on how to eat healthier.
      I will have a fruit everyday.

    • #447206

      For 2014 I plan of getting my fitness levels increased, more strength training and crossfit will help with that. To spend each day with a time of prayer away from any distractions. And lastly, I plan on being a better mother for my daughter and son. By completing the first two I know that will help me with the third. Wishing everyone an awesome 2014!!

    • #447207

      My 3 changes:

      Walk 30 min/day – plus my regular routine (workout 3x/wk and tai chi 2x/wk)
      Smaller portions at meals – recommended serving size only
      Get dressed when getting up instead of going on the computer first.

    • #447209

      I am eating less meat, dairy products and increasing fruits and veggies in my diet. Also going to continue my walking/running but going to do it at 4 in the morning to make sure I get it in for the day. Also bought a Wii game system and some dance games so I can dance my way fit. Love to dance!!

    • #447210

      Move more,less t.v. time, eat more natural foods

    • #447211

      1. eat less processed meals
      2. start 3 day/week workout routine to build cardio
      3. finish 10k workout trainer (on days not doing regular workout)

    • #447212

      I plan to exercise more, watch what I eat and get support from my friends.

    • #447214

      I plan on being more in tune to my husband and kids, eat healthy natural foods without processed sugar and chemicals and to lose 100# that I so desperately need to lose. Happy New Year everyone!

    • #447215

      Challenge for fitbit: I plan in 2014 to 1) eat healthy by reducing intake of refined sugars and white flour 2) ride my bicycle 125 miles this year 3) Join an exercise class.

    • #447216

      1. Go to the gym 3 times a week and walk my three dogs.
      2. Modify the way I eat to be healthier.
      3. Find new recipes so that I do not get bored with my healthier eating.

    • #447220

      My 3 top goals for 2014 are: 1) lose weight, 2) eat healthy, 3) exercise more. Part of my goals is to plan meals ahead of time to avoid eating out. I would also like to do my very first marathon!

    • #447222

      Plan to cut back on sugar, walk more, lift weights, keep track of my food intake, and eat healthy foods….and then I will loss the weight and be in better shape for the new year

    • #447225

      I will cut wheat out of my diet, use less refined sugar and exercise 20min every day.

    • #447229

      1. Adding fruits and Veggie
      2. cutting out fast food
      3. Planking every day
      4. walking with Mom.

    • #447230

      I want to walk more (20 minutes a day), eat well (less gluten, less sugar, more fresh foods) and learn to manage my stress better.

    • #447234

      more salad, time to play with my family outdoors, and a promise to love myself!

    • #447238

      get my hiney-butt moving!!
      be aware of my carb intake
      universally apply my healthy dinner choices to the rest of my family

    • #447239
      Rays Stuff

      My three changes – exercise three times a week, drink 80-100 ounces of water, and not eat junk food or pasta

    • #447242

      1. Walk 45-60 minutes 5 days each week
      2. Eat 4 or more servings of vegetables each day
      3. Eliminate soda, even diet soda!

    • #447244

      I plan on cooking healthier for my family, saving more money and doing some sort of exercise for 30 minutes each day.

    • #447245

      I plan on walking 3 times a week. Eat healthier. Take the stairs at work.

    • #447250

      My three things for 2014 to get FIT are 1) quit smoking 2) cut out sodas & drink more water and 3) start walking! I want to average at least 10,000 steps a day. 🙂

    • #447255

      I am going to shop for healthier meals, drink less pop and more water, and I am going to eat more fruits and veggies.

    • #447256

      1 Drink more water daily
      2. Walk daily
      3. Eat smaller portions, but eat veggies first.

    • #447259

      My three changes are going to be:
      1. Start a Hot Yoga program and a home pilates program
      2. Cut out all processed foods
      3. Take over 10,000 steps per day

    • #447262

      Three changes:

      –Pull out the four dvd toning workouts I like to do the best. Leave them next to the television so I don’t have to go looking for them. This is to support my goal to get into my size 6 jeans with the help of consistent strength training.

      –Write up a list of five meals that I really like and that follow the paleo diet guidelines. This is to aid my clean eating goal (and also get smaller goal).

      –Sign up now for a sprint triathlon in July. That will give me incentive to train for it. If I’ve paid the entry fee, I know I’ll show up! This is to support my finish a tri goal, which has been on my list for almost 10 years.

    • #447267

      ride on my new Goodwill fitness bike daily
      walk my dog daily a bit farther
      change diet in increments to cut out processed foods

    • #447269

      Continue to change my eating habits
      Get on a regular schedule
      Start the YMCA gym on the 2nd of Jan Going at least 2 times a week

    • #447273

      Get more exercise, incorporate more vegetables into my diet, have more meatless options

    • #447276

      1. I am going to eat healthier with more veggies, friut and lean protein and eat less prepared foods. I will also watch my sugar intake.
      2. I will be hitting the gym 4 days a week
      3. I plan to get 8 hours of sleep ecah night by getting to bed earlier.

    • #447279

      I thought that a more visible tab to the $50 menus would be helpful. One that’s not under another heading.

    • #447290

      walk more, cut back on meat (red) and hike with the kids. I also will be no sweets (cookies rather).

    • #447291

      Stand in my power and no longer sitting in the background!

    • #447292

      I plan to walk the dogs several times a week. I also plan to set up and use an exercise area in the basement.

    • #447296

      My new year fitness resolution starts with moving back to St John’s County where we had some great places to walk that were gentle on my body. Disabilities are not going to keep me from a happier me.

      The second is I am going to start an exercise jar with the exercises stored on Popsicle sticks.

      And last of all I am going to control my eating habits so they do not control me!

      My yearly goal: weigh under 225 lbs.

    • #447300

      Eat less sugar. Drink less coffee. workout more

    • #447301

      Goals – Eat more (80%) real food, not processed. Exercise at least weekdays. Start walking 2 miles with husband in morning again.

    • #447303

      Eat healthy, exercise more, and have a better outlook on life.

    • #447305

      My three changes are: to eat/prepare more meals at home, bring healthy snacks to work and get 8+ hours of sleep each night. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • #447306

      @Budget101 392027 wrote:

      beat the clock challengesWelcome to a Budget101 Beat the Clock Challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following Challenge Question BEFORE the Clock runs out!

      The Challenge Question is : Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it) This is a “Beat the clock Challenge” that may end at ANY Moment! What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? We’re giving away a FitBit to help you reach your goals! Fitbit makes it easy to track activity, sync stats, see trends
      and set & reach goals!

      You can also download the Fitbit app for Free right now too!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!

      I will be making sure I walk every day and reach a goal of 10,000 steps, weekly menu planning and making sure I drink 8 glasses of water a day.

    • #447307

      Cut down on sodas, eat less processed foods, learn to exercise daily by parking further away, taking the steps and joining a fitness class.

    • #447311

      going to lose weight in 2014 by becoming more physically active and fit; walk the dog more frequently also with husband who also needs to lose some pounds~

    • #447312

      1. not drink soda pop 2. walking start with a mile a day moving up to 11 miles by the end of 2012 and 3. Eat a plant based diet. I am radically changing my health life; to lose weight, to prevent diabetes, and to break my addiction I have with food.

    • #447313

      I plan to eat healthy, walk more& excerise more a least 5 tims a week

    • #447314

      I just started by dumping my boyfriend and moved across the country to a place I have never been. Ex boy was bringing me down and tearing me down. I am claiming this as the year of Debra!
      I am changing everything! I am taking up a new way to live I am bringing back yoga and some weight training! I moved to Oregon right after the breakup a couple weeks ago. I just turned 54 and my new life is beginning today! Praise Jesus!

    • #447315

      I plan to do atkin’s, walk with my son, and exercise every morning with rotating workouts!!

    • #447317

      What 3 changes will I make in my life, to meet my fitness challenge goals for the new year? (body, mind, spirit):
      1. My youngest daughter and I will make our way to our little fitness room (across the street) EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Every Monday and Friday afternoon.
      2. We will go on a long-distance bike ride 2x per week on the canals/trails.
      3. My husband and I will take an after-dinner walk together to “debrief” 3 times per week.
      4. We will ADHERE to the meal plan/what has been made for dinner…, and NOT EAT OUT!!!
      5. I will read 2 books per month. (mind fitness)

    • #447338

      I WILL walk at least 10 miles per week, I WILL strength train at least 3 times per week and I WILL eat healthier.

    • #447329

      The Challenge Question is : Name 3 changes you intend to make in your life in order to meet your New Year Fitness Resolution(s) this year!
      I plan to attend an aquatic zumba class 3 times a week.
      I plan to spend less tie online and ore time being actively engaged in life.
      I plan to eat more healthy with less snacking, drink more water and less sodas even diet ones, and eat out less often.
      I will keep a daily motivational diary to help when times get hard.

    • #447332

      3 changes….. #1 portion control to help me feel more in control – #2 train for a tri-athalon with my son – #3 get up earlier to accommodate the training schedule!

    • #447335

      1. Stop drinking soda. All that soda is a lot of pounds.
      2. Exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
      3. Manage the inflammation from my fibromyalgia better so that I have fewer flare ups.

    • #447343

      change my address by moving , kick up my 3 days a week at the gym. And last stop drinking coke.

    • #447344

      1. Move more, adding activity in all I do
      2. Pray more–for others and for our company, including all associates– clients, customers, colleagues.
      3. Handle insomnia, pain, health-mental, physical, spiritual.

    • #447347

      Eat Less, Move More, Love More

    • #447348

      (1) Avoid negative news and people and pray often (2) Exercise at the National Fitness 3 days a week (3) Keep a daily journal

    • #447349

      Walk a mile each day.
      Play on the playground w my granddaughter.
      Go swimming and do exercises in the pool while playing with g-daughter.

    • #447351

      I plan to be more frugal, just made my first super laundry sauce. I plan to lose another 20 pounds, I challenged myself last year after having surgery and was successful so I am going for it again. I plan to read my Bible more. Sometimes I get busy with full time work schedule and running a household, but ‘Santa’ left me a new smaller NKJV that I can actually take to work for down times!

    • #447352

      Portion control. Lower daily carb consumption. Eat more fresh veggies and fruits. Exercise daily: Walking 3 days a week and mixing it up with either yoga or aerobics 2 days a week and finish it off with spin classes 2 days a week. Difficult but doable!!

    • #447353

      I’am going to eat better.
      watch what I eat.
      get out and walk at least twice a week,
      take better care of myself.

    • #447358

      I will quit smoking, start exercising and not sweat the small stuff!!!

    • #447359
      Busy Mom

      1. I want to continue on my weight loss journey. I have lot over 35 pounds since the first of August and want to continue losing.
      2. I need to start walking and exercising in order to tone and continue to lose.
      3. Stay with my eating healthy habits. I have indulged a few times during the holiday but now I need to get refocused and back on track.

    • #447360

      Walk every day. Start portion control on food. Take vitamins daily

    • #447368

      I plan to walk more, watch my diet, get right amount of sleep

    • #447295

      I am going to start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise at least 30 minutes everyday and spend more time with my family

    • #447384

      portion control meals. drink more water and add an exercise to the ones i do already

    • #447387

      My fitness resolution is to become a more healthy person, lose wt and work smarter. In addition to walking my dogs every day I will incorporate some wt training 3 days per week. Plan nutrition meals that help with wt loss. Prepare lesson plans at least one month in advance so that I’m not working right up to the last minute which is very stressful and causes me to eat.

    • #447388

      I plan on getting back to the gym, get serious again about fat-free eating, and walk at least a mile a day

    • #447390

      exercise more, stop drinking pop and cut back on sugar

    • #447392

      I plan on reaching my weight loss goal this year so I’m finally comfortable in my own skin! I lost 15 lbs this year and I want another 15 lbs off! I plan on following T25 along with walking! Another health and fitness goal of mine is to quit drinking diet pop and only drink water! My biggest goal is to try to workout atleast 5 times per week!

    • #447393

      First, as I am a diabetic who is also permanently disabled, and physical activity is painful, it has been very difficult to be physically active in any way that is beneficial to my health. That said, the giveaway is tempting to me, as it would help me to better gauge how active I truly am, and to make adjustments (as much as possible) to the amount and types of activity I am able to participate in. SO, first, I plan to shop at a closer grocery store, so that I can save on cab fare, and use the savings to increase the frequency of shopping trips and the amount of fresh fruits and veggies I need to eat healthier, while also being more active while shopping for these foods more frequently. Next, of course, I plan to take the time to prepare the fresh fruits and veggies, and to replace some of the quick, not as wholesome foods that I’ve been grabbing, to avoid moving much and exacerbating the pain I’m already feeling. Lastly, but just as importantly, I plan to begin going to bed and sleeping at a decent hour, and not get up and snack when pain wakes me several times during the night. Rest is every bit as important to good health as exercise and healthy diet, and I hope to gain much from this. My new year’s resolution of becoming more fit by summer should be easier, if I do each one of these as planned. 🙂

    • #447398

      I plan on; losing 15lbs , 2 doing at least 1 good deed a day, 3 spending more quality time with my family!

    • #447415

      Cut gluten, start planking and be positive

    • #447423

      I plan to go to the gym three times a week, eat 5-6 small meals rather than the traditional 3 meals per day, and menu plan weekly to stave off the temptation to eat out “unplanned”.

    • #447437

      Eating more vegetables, preferably fresh. working on some exercise that I’m able to do that won’t be to hard on my heart. Enjoy life itself and whatever comes my way

    • #447439

      I plan to eat fresh foods. That means the closer the food is to it’s growth state- the healthier it will be!!
      I will lower my sugar intake
      I will continue to practice yoga and learn to do it better!

    • #447444

      In 2014, I will increase my workouts to 6 times a week, track my nutrition an calories and spend more time outside, in the sunshine gardening and playing with my kids.

    • #447445

      Fitness goals …

      • going to “move” yoga smilie daily through walking, water aerobics, stepper, boce ball or whatever else I can do to keep myself pumped up and excited. Stretching before and after the daily activity to regain flexibility.
      • removing sugar and flour from my diet, drinking 8 glasses of water daily and less coffee
      • daily motivational reading
    • #447476

      3 changes I want to make are:
      1. drink less soda
      2. excercise more
      3. eat healthier

      I’m hoping to be able to drop some pounds and inches quickly!!!!

    • #447483

      I intend to go hiking at least once a week.
      I intend to be more active, because being a SAHM doesn’t mean I have to be mostly sedentary.
      I intend to stop eating fast food. Permanently!

    • #447484

      3 things I plan to change in 2014:
      I plan to make me a priority. I will start working out at least 3 days a week at the gym. I will also find at home exersizes I can do.
      I plan to love me for who I see in the mirror. Be accepting of my flaws and strengths. Work on my ANT(automatic negative thoughts) I am going to start volunteering.
      I am going to change my household cleaners, laundry soap, bath soap and shampoo to more natural, less chemical items.

    • #447487

      showered with loveMy 3 goals this year, Is to eat better, get fit and stay possitive in everything I do.

    • #447489

      26 day detox
      Walk/run at least 4 miles 4 times weekly

      (And none of this costs a penny mire than my normal budget because the foods for detoxing are inexpensive, I walk in God’s beautiful nature, and I practice my yoga at home. Happy New Year!

    • #447491

      I’m a 54 year old grandmother who is adopting 2 of my grandsons, one is 2 (and going thru the terrible 2’s,lol) the other is 6 months old, I am about 110 pounds overweight right now, I am going to join the community gym with my friends kimmie and duane and do the buddy system workout, start eating right again, and start walking again, I was down the 100 pounds a few years ago with eating right and walking 2 times a day but I slowly went back to my old eating habits of eating everything in sight,lol, wish me luck and good luck to everyone else getting fit in 2014

    • #447501

      1- eat clean
      2- walk more
      3- log my food & exercise faithfully on Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal |

    • #447504

      (1) Lose at least 80 pounds, (2) exercise at least 5 days a week, and (3) cut out all high fat foods.

    • #447505

      My goals are to cut down on diet coke and drink more water, ride stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and cut back on carbs.

    • #447507

      #1 – do better on a healthier diet
      #2 – experiment more with trying new gluten free recipes and hopefully my family will enjoy them
      #3 – work REALLY hard on letting stuff go – material items and the annoying daily things that annoy me

    • #447751

      I am a stroke survivor and have gotten very lazy and haven’t been keeping up with my recovery as well as I should. This year to reach my fitness & weight loss goals I have made the following goals:

      Rather than make my coffee and sit down at my computer as soon as I come downstairs I will do the following:

      I will ride my stationery bike for 15 minutes each morning.
      I will drink at least 8 ounces of water before, during and after riding my stationery bike.

      During the day, I will:

      Get up from my computer every hour and stretch and climb up & down the stairs at least twice then I will do my arm & shoulder exercises so I can get full use of my arm & shoulders again.

      Also, when the weather gets warmer again, I will start doing my early morning 1 mile walks. Because I am more sensitive to cold & heat since my stroke, I have to fit outside exercising into the time of year when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.

      Lastly, again when the weather gets warmer again, I will go to the lake on the weekend with my dogs & take a hike.


    • #447780

      My 3 changes are 1. Going to try and walk more and make it around the figure 8 roads here.
      2. I will be switching to eating more Veggies and fruit
      3. Keeping better track of my diabetes,with diet(eating better)

    • #456054

      @Momo 393538 wrote:

      1. I received my order of Sensa and began using it yesterday because I intend to lose a lot of weight. Along those diet plans, I have already cut carbs almost totally from my diet and lost 20 pounds during 2013, but I still have 35-40 to go. I also planted lettuce in a new 2nd pot today so I can have more really fresh salads! (I’m a Florida dweller)

      2. I have been walking a half-mile 4 or 5 days a week, minimum. I intend to step that up to walking a mile each time.

      3. I intend to get down on my exercise mat and do my hip, back, and shoulder exercises every day. I’m leaving it right on the living room floor so I cannot forget to do it!

      Sensa does NOTHING. I sent it back.

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