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      Other studies have determined that sucralose is not a biologically inert compound, having possible toxic effects, including creation of dioxin-like compounds when sucralose is heated.[27] Even though Splenda is marketed as being suitable for baking purposes, no human toxicity studies have been done on the thermal breakdown products of sucralose.

      Furthermore, even though Splenda is sold and consumed on a global scale, long-term human-health studies regarding diets containing regular daily intakes of sucralose (and its thermal breakdown products) have also not been done.

      Additionally, detailed studies on the environmental fate of sucralose and its breakdown products (for example, as released into aquatic ecosystems via the effluent streams from wastewater treatment plants) have also not been carried out.

      This exerpt from Wikipedia is enough to convince me that I don’t need Splenda in my body, thank you!

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