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      I just want to comment on this one since my hubby and I filed last year.
      There are some situations where you are better off filing than to try and
      pay everything off. We had to file or continue to live in motels, we could
      not get into an apartment with how bad ours was and it wasn’t that we had
      gone out and run up bills it was all poor budgeting on our parts.


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      Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:04:44 -0400
      From: “teresa nemece” <>
      Subject: Re: Long Term Goals(Long)

      Why don’t you use the money you have or will have to pay off your debt? I
      have 4 children and have had cancer twice with major medical bills and have
      paid for all our bills. We just had to wait to get the things we wanted. I
      don’t think its fair for people to run up bills for others to pay with
      higher interest and higher prices. I don’t mean to sound nasty but I just
      don’t think its fair.

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