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      No, They won’t work unless you get something that will work on global networks. You might look into Vonage or something like that. If he has a highspeed internet connection, you can purchase the vonage service at your home and ship it to him, he can call you from afghanistan from the local number where you live and you can talk unlimited for the same amount of money each month.

      crawfish_mama2006 wrote: Does anyone know if you can by the pre-paid phones here and ship them
      over to KBR workers in Afghanistan or Iraq? Does anyone
      know if the
      services work internationally? My husband is in Afghanistan, and I
      buy him phone cards here, but boy, the mins allowed to talk are very
      short and about .33 to .40 cents a min. not much time alloted if you
      purchase a $10. phone card. Anyone have any knowledge?


      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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