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      Ferret popularity is on the rise! I have 5 of my own and they like the toys I make using old pill bottles (wash thoroughly) and scrap fleece fabric.

      First I place a few plastic beads inside a pill bottle and use a glue gun to seal the top onto the bottle. Then I measure the circumference of the bottle and cut a strip of fleece so that it’s wide enough to go around the bottle with at least half an inch of overlap. I stitch the fabric into a tube and then insert the bottle inside, leaving enough at either end so that I can run a line of stitching around it to completely enclose the bottle inside the fleece.

      The ends (which look like the ends of a hard candy wrapper) usually get tied tightly with a very thin strip of contrasting fleece. Sometimes I leave the ends extra long and cut them so that they make a fringe. All the better to interest my little fuzzbutts!

      Some people will crochet around plastic eggs that have a few beans or macaroni pieces in them, but the eggs are fragile, the beans and macaroni can get moldy when put through the wash, and some ferrets are aggressive chewers and destroy the crocheting within a manner of minutes, sometimes ingesting the yarn. My little chewer has had some of these toys for a very long time and has yet to even put a dent in them, even though he plays with them frequently.

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      Our ferrets really love crinkly water bottles too, squish them partway and cram them into a sock and tie it off. They love pouncing on them.

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