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      Re: : raspberry leaves

      Making teas.. just a note, you don’t have to dry out raspberry leaves to
      make tea. Actually, with most herbs you can make teas, tisanes with fresh
      herb. Just crush or bruise the leaves before adding your hot water, allow it
      to steep.

      Now, if you’re really out to get the best Medicinal benefit, consider using
      an Infusion.

      Infusions- which are made by allowing the herb to steep for long periods of
      time (4-10 hours) are best made with Dried herbs. (Why? Because the minerals
      and other phytochemicals are more accessible after drying.)

      Here’s an example that I’ve written down in my herbal book… 1 cup of
      nettle TEA contains 5-10 mg of calcium. 1 c. of Nettle Infusions contains up
      to 500 mg of calcium.

      If you have troubles finding herbs, try these legit companies: Mountain Rose Herbs Pacific Botanicals Frontier Herbs Garden Medicinals

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