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    I might be wrong but I haven’t seen any threads about raising worms.

    Worms are so beneficial!
    This thread could be well suited for the gardening, diy, and even pet care!

    I started a worm farm a little over a year ago. I started out buying 2 boxes of worms that cost me around 6-7 bucks. I already had all the other supplies to make my worm farm.

    I cant remember if you can post links to other sites but if you want to know how I made my worm bin, google “vermicomposting bin made from rubbermaid containers”, or something to that nature.

    So anyway…
    I put all my kitchen scraps in the worm bin. I even shred newspaper and cardboard to feed them, just as long as it doesn’t have shiny ink on the paper, it will work. I put in egg shells, coffee & tea grounds (the filter & all).

    You are not supposed to put meats, fats or chemicals in it, that could ruin it, attract maggots and kill your worms. I also do not put things like onion peels and citrus rinds because the worms don’t like it.

    After the worms fill up a container with all that goodness that they create, it makes the best dirt money can buy. Its a wonderful thing to add to your garden. You can also make worm tea and use it as fertilizer.

    Best of all, I never have to buy worms when I go fishing.

    Do any of you have worms?

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    This is a great idea! I have tilapia, chicken and hope to get ducks and they would all eat worms. Plus, I’m forever working on my compost pile. Our soil could really use amendments.

    I will look up your worm bin post. Thanks!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Homesteading Raising Redworms