Raised Bed Gardening

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      I haven’t tried it yet. But have you seen straw gardening? You get big bales of hay.

      Then you plant the plants right into the straw. There is a organic compound that you put on the straw and water like crazy for a few weeks. It excellerates the breaking down of the straw.

      If you want you can put some dirt on top of it the straw but you don’t have to. The straw sits the right height to sit a chair next to the straw. You water the straw and use fertilizer like normal.

      The roots grow all the way down to the ground in the straw. You have to use bedding plants for the most part unless you put a layer of dirt on top. I’ve seen pictures.

      You can use any type of plan you want as far as how to position them. The tomatoes and vining things just hang down the sides. It looks awesome!


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      What is the cheapest way to make a raised bed garden? I want to garden
      to save money (and I also enjoy it) but I can’t bend down. I would need
      the beds waist high.

      Can anyone help??? I would also like to know
      thrify ways to grow vegys.

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