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      Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Unexpected Rain can quickly turn a fun camping trip into a soggy, boring mess. What are you your inexpensive ideas for Rainy day Camping fun?

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? Winners Choice of a $50 Gift Certificate to Either Camping World or amazon.com to stock up on new camping supplies!!

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      good luck!

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      Oh I am ready for this challenge! We love camping!!

      For kids: Play Cards, Board Games, Make Marshmallow Tinkertoys & Towers (Using toothpicks and marshmallows)
      Play cats cradle (with string!)
      Build a S’more Tower (who says you can’t play with your food)

      For Adults: Play Cards, Board Games, Play Dice
      Put on Rain Ponchos (from the dollar store) and go for a Hike anyways (it’s just water!)

      See a matinee movie in town (about half price of a regular movie)

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      The Basics of our Rainy Day Camping Box:
      Disposable Rain Ponchos – these are a buck a piece at the dollar store or in the camping section of walmart.

      Playing Cards – make sure you have dollar store cards though, this is a rain box and chances are the moisture isn’t going to treat them well

      UNO – an inexpensive card game (usually about $2)

      Dominoes – a small pkg for the actual game (for the adults) or for stacking and tumbling- for the kids (ok and for the adults too)

      Crayons –you can make various drawing, leaf rubbings, coloring pictures, and more

      Spiral Notebook – normal notebook paper size, it can be used for drawings, rubbings, coloring, letters, keeping score for games, etc

      Magnifying Glasses – the kids love these, even when they are stuck in a tent or rv. they are dirt cheap, you can get them for as little as $1 or even multi-packs of 6 for $3 or $4. You should have at least 2 in each camping box.
      Other things to include, coloring books, cheapie travel board games (the travel sizes are much easier to handle)

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      If it is a light drizzle, we just play in the rain… puddle jumping, leaving foot prints and making designs on the beach.

      Grab a stick and play a giant game of Tic Tic Toe; who can catch 50 rain drops on their tongue first; whose cup fills up the fastest. If it is rainy enough to keep us in the tent, we always carry a small rubbermaid container with travel size games (connect 4, a deck of cards, dice, colored pencils or crayons and a notepad of papers to play hangman, make art to hang, etc.) If the sky is grey enough we use our flashlights to make shadow animals on the side of the tent.

      We love to play a game of I Spy, the name game (any theme… animals for example… first person says gorilla, second person would need to come up with an animal that starts with an ‘A’ like and ant, the next person would need to come up with an animal that starts with a ‘T’.

      Another game is ‘3 questions). Again, any theme. For example…

      food. One person picks a food item and the other person has three questions they can ask to try and determine what the item is.

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      We have at least one rainy day every year in Colorado and this is what we do. We pay cards, tell stories, snack, read, and our favorite is when it’s a dark storm. That’s when we makes shake puppets on the wall of the tent.

      And because you’re inside, no one can see all the foolish positions we put ourselves into to make the shapes move! And once the storm passes, it’s time flyer puddle jumping – even if we’re kidless!

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      When camping no electronics are allowed…it’s back to basics. When stuck in the tent because of rain our family writes a chapter in our camping journal that we write in year after year. We take turns starting the sentence and each family member adds to it.

      The story usually has fiction and nonfiction mingled together. One in particular goes like this. Mom and Dad were in one room of the tent and two kids(a girl 10 and a boy 8) were in the other room of the tent.

      Mom said “OOOOO it’s all slimey and wet. The two kids laughed hysterically. (Dirty minds).

      It wasn’t what they were thinking at all but 20 years later they still laugh about it.

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      We like to make up stories and songs with each person adding as we go along. Our family can spend hours doing this…the sillier the better! We also enjoy creating “rainy day” meals.

      These meals have been VERY unforgettable!

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      Because we need to try to always conserve packing/traveling/daily space, we tend to take our favorite board games which we converted to cloth “board games” with the accessories in separate ziplock baggies with an index card detailing what is where and game directions if new/needed. The cloth “game board” neatly folds up so we can store it in a ziplock baggie as well. The cloth is merely an old plain sheet with edges hemmed up and identical markings made with colored permanent markers.

      We’ve played these inside the camper on the table during rainy days as well as evenings to be mosquito-free. One of the biggest hits our kids love to take while hoping for a rainy day is the “Twister” game. They say it’s more fun than the slip n slide we have in the back yard 🙂

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      Geocaching! If its rainy download the ap, or get the approx. Locations on a list before you leave home!

      Take a treasure and then leave a treasure. It’s like finding your own personal shooting star and what better way than a rain storm to catch stars! ☆☆☆

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