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      Quit Kit (smoking)-Wisconsin only

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      You probably already know that smoking is the single largest risk factor for developing lung cancer. But the staff at the Regional Cancer Center knows that quitting smoking isn’t easy.

      Many of the 44 million Americans who have quit smoking have tried several times before they were able to quit; most smokers need to “practice” quitting several times before they make it for good. The best advice is to keep trying! Practice helps smokers decide what to do the next time they try to quit.

      Here are some helpful tips:
      Look into different self-help options.
      These include Freedom from Smoking guidebooks, videotapes and audiotapes available from the American Lung Association.

      Pick a good time to quit.
      Don’t try to quit when you are under a lot of stress or around a holiday.

      Be aware that smokers have different experiences when they quit.
      Some may feel sleepy; others very excited, lightheaded, nervous or irritable. Some people might crave tobacco or sweets or have headaches.

      Be sure to exercise every day.
      Walking is a great way to reduce the stress of quitting. Exercise is a big boost toward feeling better, improving spirits and keeping trim.

      Get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water.

      Ask family, friends and co-workers to help.
      Having someone to take a walk with or just listen can help you successfully quit.
      Request your free Quit Kit – complete with a personalized quit plan, helpful quitting advice, resources and information about Regional Cancer Center services – by filling out and submitting the Quit Kit Form below.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Quit Kit (smoking)-Wisconsin only