Quickie Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Quickie Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

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      Centerpieces in a Hurry
      Create a beautiful table decoration in a flash with some candles and a few fresh ingredients.

      Pumpkins and gourds light up any autumn gathering.

      To make a Decorative Rim Pumpkin, practically all you need are gourds, a knife and some toothpicks. Add a pumpkin and some candles, and your table is ready.

      You can make a fresh version or use artificial items for a display that will last beyond this season.

      Decorative Rim Pumpkin
      This informal fall centerpiece comes alive with a gathering of candles surrounded by autumnal elements.

      What You Need:

      This centerpiece brings fall’s bounty to light.

      * Knife
      * Large pumpkin
      * Spoon
      * Ice pick
      * Small gourds, miniature pumpkins, and real or artificial berries
      * Toothpicks
      * Candles in desired sizes


      1. Hollow out the pumpkin. Cut off the top with a sharp knife, and clean out the inside with a spoon.

      Add gourds to rim

      2. Decorate the rim. Decide how the gourds, miniature pumpkins, and berries will be arranged.

      Use an ice pick to poke a hole in the bottom of each gourd and small pumpkin. Place a toothpick into the hole and push into the rim of the large pumpkin where desired. Continue adding items in this manner until the rim is filled.

      Tuck berries between the gourds and small pumpkins.

      3. Add candles. Carefully place them in the center, making sure the wicks are not touching any leaves or berries.

      If you prefer, replace
      the candles with a bundle of interesting twigs or dried flowers.


      For an everlasting version, use artificial berries and gourds glued on the rim of a foam pumpkin.


      Apple Candleholders

      Apples or other bright fruit hold tall tapers.

      You may already have the makings of Apple Candleholders in your pantry. If not, a quick trip to the grocery store will set you up.

      More festive fruit ideas: Alternate green Granny Smith apples with a bright red variety. Or, since a muffin tray steadies the fruit,
      consider using oranges, large lemons, or even pomegranates as colorful candleholders.


      Autumn Candles

      It doesn’t get any easier than votives in a bowl.

      Arrange Autumn Candles by popping votives into a dish of dried beans, nuts, or popcorn.

      Be sure to keep an eye on the candles so they don’t burn down too far, and keep out of reach of children so they’re not tempted to nibble.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Quickie Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas